MaxiClimber features:

· Isometric non-stick grips

· Ergonomically designed for all body types

· Adjustable height

· Workout timer that starts and stops when you do

· Digital calorie and step counter

· Folding design for easy storage

· 90% pre-assembled


What is the MaxiClimber?

MaxiClimber is a vertical climber that imitates the movements of rock climbing to help you burn calories while strengthening and toning muscles.

Is the MaxiClimber safe?

Yes, MaxiClimber is safe to use because it uses your body weight as resistance so that you don’t put stress on lower joints.

I don’t work out regularly, will the MaxiClimber be too intense for me?

No, MaxiClimber is a great cardio and strength training workout for beginners and athletes.

What is the maximum user weight for MaxiClimber?

• Classic & Sport - The maximum user weight is 240 pounds.

• XL - The maximum user weight is 300 pounds.

Does the MaxiClimber have a warranty?

Yes, MaxiClimber has a one year warranty. If you have any issues, or have questions please contact customer service directly at (888) 433-9083.

Where should I place the MaxiClimber?

Be sure to only place MaxiClimber on a flat, stable surface and don’t use the exerciser on a small area rug that may move while exercising.

Is there anything I should be aware of when using the MaxiClimber?

When standing on the foot pedals, be sure to maintain an upright posture parallel to the MaxiClimber with your arms in a half extended position. Don’t lean back while holding onto the exerciser because it may become unstable.

Does the MaxiClimber fold for storage?

Yes, MaxiClimber features a compact fold. Being the MaxiClimber Sport the smallest and lightest.