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Create a Great Summer Workout Schedule

MaxiClimber’s Beginner Summer Workout Schedule

To make the most of the summer season, any activity promoting stress relief should have its place at the top of your to-do list. While it might not sound as exciting as visiting the local swimming pool or spending the day at a county fair, exercise should be a priority. Working out is a great way to release endorphins that help reduce stress and boost your overall health to feel even better as you enjoy everything that summer has to offer.

This is MaxiClimber’s guide to creating the ultimate summer workout schedule that even beginners can enjoy. Discover everything you need to know about adding exercise with MaxiClimber to your regular workout routine.

Start Small

When creating a summer workout schedule, the first thing to remember is that it’s okay to start small. If you are new to the fitness world or simply a MaxiClimber novice, it’s recommended that you start slow and work your way up to working out for more extended periods.

MaxiClimber is an intense full body workout that is highly effective. It can take your body a little while to get used to the demands of a MaxiClimber workout routine. The best way to make it work for you is to ease into a summer workout schedule.

When you start small with MaxiClimber, you give your body a chance to adjust to the dynamic movements of the machine and the intensity of a MaxiClimber workout routine. This makes exercising with MaxiClimber more effective in the long run and makes sticking to a summer workout schedule more sustainable for you. We recommend that you start by using MaxiClimber for very short sessions and work up from there.

You can start with just one-minute sessions and work your way up, minute by minute, until you reach 10-minute sessions. Individuals of any fitness level can take full advantage of MaxiClimber by starting this way. A MaxiClimber workout routine might seem daunting at first, but starting small is the best way to jump into it. Soon enough, you’ll forget any hesitation you might have had and enjoy the benefits of a full body workout routine with MaxiClimber.

Stick to a Schedule

In the summer season, it’s easier than ever to give in to the urge not to live by a schedule. When you have free time for the first time in months, it’s natural to want to see where the day takes you instead of planning out every minute in advance. While this might be fun for a week or two, it can quickly lead to a lack of productivity and stress. Creating a summer workout schedule will keep you on track and help you focus on all of the fitness goals you want to achieve this summer.

Planning out a summer workout schedule means dedicating a certain amount of time to your workout routine. The length of time you use your MaxiClimber during each session is essential, but so is how many sessions you participate in each week. Picking three days a week for your summer workout schedule is a great way to consistently stick to your workout routine.

Also, sticking to the time of day can help. Fortunately, MaxiClimber makes it easy with our live session schedules. Simply check the schedule online and join your fellow MaxiClimber community in a live workout led by one of our professional trainers.

Whether you stick to our live session schedule or need to pick a time of day to do your own thing, it’s important to be consistent and committed. Making a short fitness session on your MaxiClimber a priority first thing in the morning before you start your day can have numerous benefits such as increased energy throughout the day and better sleep. Plus, picking a time for your workout routine and sticking to it will increase your likelihood of following through with your summer workout schedule.

Once you get into the habit of exercising on the same days or at the same time each week, MaxiClimber workout routines will become an enjoyable part of your weekly schedule that you look forward to.

Make Adjustments

The most important part of designing a summer workout schedule is making sure it works for you. That means not being afraid to make adjustments as you go along. While a summer workout schedule of three five-minute MaxiClimber sessions each Monday, Wednesday and Friday might be ideal for you in June, various factors could change by July or August. For example, you might find that the five-minute sessions are flying by and you aren’t feeling physically challenged as much as you were when you started.

This is to be expected with exercise over time — it just means your body has gotten used to those initial sessions and needs to be challenged more. You can gradually increase the time you spend exercising in each session. If you find that increasing by a minute a week or two minutes each week works best for you, then continue at that pace throughout the summer. You can also increase the number of days a week you work out. If you have the extra time and notice ideal after-burn effects when you work out four or five days a week instead of three, adjust your summer workout schedule. Your summer workout schedule should be as unique as you need it to be to make the most of your individual fitness level and lifestyle so that you can achieve the maximum results possible.

Check Out the MaxiClimber App

Another way to customize your summer workout schedule is by planning out different workout routines to follow during each session on your calendar. The more variety you can incorporate into your workout routine, the more motivated you will feel to stick to your summer workout schedule. A great way to switch up your workout routine is by taking advantage of exercise sessions that have already been designed. Luckily, MaxiClimber makes this easy.

MaxiClimber’s app is a beneficial resource when designing a summer workout schedule. If you’re looking for guidance on creating workout routines, the app has a library of HIIT routines and options to customize your own routines and HIIT intervals. You can also take fitness courses led by expert coaches through the app. These coach-led courses are a great option when you’re just getting started with exercise in general or working out with MaxiClimber. They can help you learn the proper form to prevent injury and maximize benefits from MaxiClimber. The app is a fantastic way to start you off on the right path toward developing your own workout routines in the future.

Create a Summer Workout Schedule with MaxiClimber

Working out should never feel like a chore, which is especially important when exercising in the summer months. Summer should feel like a time of relaxation, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a boring workout routine putting a damper on your vacation. That’s because workouts with MaxiClimber aren’t just effective, but they’re also fun. With MaxiClimber, your summer workout schedule will be something to look forward to — just like going to the beach or stopping by a local ice cream shop.

The dynamic motions of MaxiClimber are based on the vertical climbing movements . A MaxiClimber session is more than just a workout routine — it’s a unique experience. If you’re tired of the monotonous nature of traditional at-home exercise machines, MaxiClimber is the solution you’ve been looking for. MaxiClimber challenges your body and allows you to target all major muscle groups, all from the comfort of your own home.

Choose MaxiClimber to create a summer workout schedule that is highly effective in yielding results and making the most of your time.