Maintenance - MaxiClimber
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While MaxiClimber is manufactured using quality components and is designed to offer maximum performance with minimal maintenance, wear is inevitable. Sweat and body oils can break down finishes and accelerate the wear of some metals and rubber parts, so it is important to spend some time cleaning your machine, this will help ensure potential corrosive materials not to sit overnight.

  • Dry excess sweat that may fall on your MaxiClimber during your workout.
  • Wipe frames and other powder coated surfaces down with a damp cloth. If a more thorough cleaning is needed, a mixture of mild dish soap and water can be used.
  • After cleaning, it’s best to dry the frame completely with a clean, dry cloth. This will further prevent corrosion or rust from forming.
  • To clean rubber handles, use a solution that is ten percent mild dish soap and ninety percent warm water. Apply it with a damp cloth (or a soft bristle brush for more stubborn soiling), and then wipe the residue away with another damp cloth.
  • Steel surfaces and handles can be cleaned with a cloth dipped in a very light solution of dish soap and water, and dried with a dry cloth.
  • Spray cleaners are ok, but be careful of any overspray onto rubber surfaces, as any chemicals stronger than dish soap will eat away at the rubber.
  • Silicone or teflon spray is normally ok, particularly on any internal parts that are not very exposed and won’t collect dust, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Cables that are frayed, bent or twisted need to be replaced. Under normal use it’s hard to damage them, but please contact us if you need replacement.

After each routine, dry the moisture from your sweat to prevent oxidation and corrosion, taking special care Of the mainframe and rollers.

*Sweat creates mineral deposits that cause added friction and can shorten the roller’s lifetime.


Wipe dust from surfaces with a damp cloth.

Clean rubber handles and steel surfaces using a damp cloth with 10% mild soap.

Lubricate rollers and pulley with WD-40 or silicone based lubricant.

After cleaning, use a separate clean cloth to dry and avoid oxidation and corrosion.