MaxiClimber’s Guide to How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Resolutions 2024: How to Get Motivated to Work Out

There are plenty of exciting ways to celebrate the New Year. Whether you enjoy getting dressed up to attend parties with friends or sitting on the couch watching the ball drop on TV from the comfort of your living room, there’s one New Year’s tradition that can always make the festivities extra special: making resolutions. 

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions is a fun way to ring in the arrival of the year ahead. There are so many options to choose from when making resolutions, like learning a new language, spending more time with family, getting started with a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try or increasing your fitness level. 

Setting resolutions is the easy part. Actually following through on them is often a different story. And, nothing gets in the way of meeting goals like a lack of motivation. To make sure your fitness goals for 2024 actually come true, it’s essential to understand how to get motivated to work out. 

In this article, we’ve put together our favorite tips for how to get motivated to work out. Read on to find strategies you can use to help you make your fitness goals a reality this year. 

Keep a Fitness Journal

Keep a Fitness Journal

One tip for how to get motivated to work out is to create a fitness journal. The first step in using this strategy is to actually put pen to paper and write down your specific fitness goals for the New Year. Try to be specific about your exercise objectives. A few examples of fitness goals include increasing strength, gaining muscle mass, improving your sleep quality and maintaining a healthy weight. 

The physical act of writing down your goals and seeing them on the page will help you with how to get motivated to work out. You can also return to this page if you find yourself losing motivation in the future. It will help remind you why you wanted to commit to a regular fitness routine in the first place. As you make progress and meet your initial fitness goals, you can also write down new ones to continue to inspire your exercise journey. 

Exercise journals aren’t just useful for cataloging fitness goals. Another common use for these types of notebooks is to write down your feelings after you finish a workout session. If you complete an intense HIIT workout on your MaxiClimber machine, for example, you could record feeling a sense of achievement and pride at your accomplishment, as well as any improvement in mood or energy levels you notice from exercise-related endorphins. These records of positive post-workout feelings can be referenced in the future when you are searching for how to get motivated to work out

Plan AheadPlan Ahead

One obstacle that can get in the way of sticking to your resolution to exercise regularly is feeling overwhelmed about getting started. You can easily overcome this issue by planning ahead. Start by deciding which days of the week you want to exercise on. Try to be as consistent as possible with your fitness plan so that it becomes part of your weekly routine. Eventually, working out will be a habit like brushing your teeth or getting the mail. 

Another way to utilize planning to help you figure out how to get motivated to work out is to develop exercise routines ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than stepping onto your exercise machine only to realize that you have no idea what you want to do. This can easily get in the way of your ability to meet your fitness goals

Take some time to prepare before your fitness sessions and write down a specific plan for how long you will work out, which areas of the body you will target and what moves you will do. You can even dedicate a section of your fitness journal to making custom routines. If you need some help developing routines to start off your exercise journey, take a look at the free MaxiClimber app. Get inspired by video workouts and coach-led climbing classes. 

Consider RewardsConsider Rewards

There are several ways to use rewards when you’re looking into how to get motivated to work out. You can choose to focus on the natural rewards of exercise, like the positive feelings and boosted energy endorphins can provide after a great workout session on your MaxiClimber machine. Or, you can remind yourself of all of the excellent health benefits of exercise that you will be rewarded with in the future by continuing to work out. 

Another way to use rewards to get motivated to work out is to take advantage of external rewards. For example, treat yourself to a healthy food or drink item that you really enjoy after working out like a delicious smoothie or your favorite fruit. You could also listen to your favorite album or watch an episode of the Netflix show you’re currently binge-watching after a successful workout. Eventually, you’ll associate the end of a workout with these enjoyable experiences and feel more motivated to exercise so you can get to them.

Connect with Others

Connect with Others

Whether you are entering the fitness world for the first time or returning to regular exercise after a long break, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone on your workout journey. This feeling can quickly lead to a lack of motivation and get in the way of you meeting your fitness goals. To combat this, embrace community when going after your fitness resolutions in the New Year. 

As part of your New Year’s festivities, make resolutions with your friends and commit to weekly or monthly check-ins to hold each other accountable and monitor each other’s progress. Even better, find a friend who is also making fitness goals as part of their resolutions and plan to work out together at least every other week. That way, you won’t feel like you’re the only one dealing with the issues you face as you work towards your fitness goals. You’ll also have someone to celebrate your achievements with along the way! 

Another way to make the most of community when working towards fitness goals is to connect with others online. There are Facebook groups dedicated to relevant topics like at-home workouts and exercise motivation where you can find tips on improving your workouts and learn how to get motivated to work out. There’s even a dedicated Facebook group for the Official MaxiClimber Community where you can get in touch with other climbers enjoying all of the benefits of full-body workouts with MaxiClimber. 

Enjoy Exercise with MaxiClimberEnjoy Exercise with MaxiClimber

Finally, the most important part of how to get motivated to work out is to choose the best at-home exercise machine on the market. Picking a fun and effective type of exercise to begin with will set you up for success in the year ahead. When you make MaxiClimber the star of your home gym, you’re sure to meet your exercise goals in 2024. 

MaxiClimber’s dynamic motion, based on mountain climbing, provides a unique, enjoyable exercise experience. You can also set up your MaxiClimber machine anywhere you like due to its portable design. Whether you prefer to exercise in front of the TV, on your back patio so you can take in the fresh air or in your dedicated home gym, MaxiClimber has you covered. 

MaxiClimber isn’t just enjoyable it’s also effective at getting you the results you want from your workouts. It’s hard to figure out how to get motivated to work out when you’ve been let down by fitness machines or exercise trends in the past. You won’t have to worry about these disappointments when you choose MaxiClimber. The MaxiClimber is an intense cardio exercise combined with the benefits of strength training. It’s also a full-body workout that engages all of the major muscle groups in the body at the same time. 

Here’s a New Year’s resolution to add to your list this year: exercise with MaxiClimber

With MaxiClimber, you’ll spend less time worrying about how to get motivated to work out and more time making progress toward all of your fitness goals.