How to Increase Stamina 101

 How to Increase Stamina Over Time

After committing to a new activity, it’s natural to want to see results overnight. Whether you’ve recently taken up knitting, are trying your hand at baking or have just kicked off a regular fitness routine, your skills will take awhile to develop. The hardest part about sticking with a new hobby is actually spending the time necessary to see improvements. 

If you want to get to the point where you can successfully knit a warm winter scarf, bake a delicious cake or meet your fitness goals, plenty of hard work and dedication will be required. Learning more about the process of improving and understanding a general timeline of when you can expect to see your skills develop can make the experience easier and help you keep your frustrations at bay.

If one of your main exercise goals is increasing stamina, some questions you may be dealing with are how long it will take to achieve this improved stamina and what you can do to help the process along. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to increase stamina over time. 

What is Stamina?

There are several important abilities you might choose to focus on in your fitness journey. Common fitness skills like strength, endurance, and stamina are popular choices, but some are more self-explanatory than others. So, what exactly is stamina, and why is it important in exercise? Stamina is a skill that involves being able to stick with a difficult mental or physical activity for a long period of time, and is sometimes referred to as “staying power”. Endurance and strength are actually both also related to stamina, and these three abilities work together to help you complete fitness activities and succeed at challenging physical tasks. 

Benefits of Stamina

Stamina can help you develop your fitness abilities and make progress toward your exercise goals. It can also be beneficial in other areas of your life. Here are some of the best benefits of working to increase stamina: 

  • Less Fatigue — When you have a high level of stamina, you’re able to complete difficult tasks with more ease. That means you’ll be less likely to suffer from exhaustion and fatigue. This doesn’t just apply to your fitness routine - you’ll also notice less fatigue from everyday tasks like getting through the work day and dealing with household chores. 
  • Improved Focus — Part of having increased stamina is having plenty of energy to get through taxing mental and physical activities. This increased energy, combined with lowered levels of fatigue, helps improve focus. You’ll be able to feel truly engaged in your workouts, and in other daily activities like working in the office or connecting with others. 
  • Better Fitness Results — Once you learn how to increase stamina, you’ll find difficult workouts easier to complete. Stamina will help you surpass your exercise goals and create new ones, improving your fitness abilities along the way. Learning how to increase stamina will get you better fitness results, making all the time and effort you invest in your workouts worthwhile. 

How Long Does Stamina Training Take?

How long does it actually take to see these benefits of improved stamina? It’s important to go into stamina training with the right mindset. You won’t see results right away, which can be frustrating and make you feel like giving up. Knowing how long you can expect to have to wait, however, can help make the process more manageable. The most essential factor in stamina training is time. You have to give your body enough time to adapt. That being said, results of stamina training can show up in as little as two or three months. The key to actually getting those results is committing to your stamina training routine and completing it consistently over time. 

How to Increase Stamina with Exercise

Now that you know the benefits of improved stamina and how long it can take to see them, the one question that remains is how to increase stamina in the first place. There are several ways to use exercise and workouts with MaxiClimber to support stamina training. Here are the best tips for how to increase stamina with exercise:

  • Combine Cardio and Strength Training — While it’s often common practice to complete cardio exercise and strength workouts separately, combining the two can lead to better results. Putting your body through cardio and strength training at the same time results in more of a challenge. The extra demands it puts on your body will help build stamina. Exercises with MaxiClimber utilize the power of cardio exercise and full-body resistance training aimed to tone muscle, making them a great choice for working on improving stamina. 
  • Consider Target Heart Rate — Another tip for how to increase stamina is to consider target heart rate and make sure you’re hitting the optimal zone during your workouts. When you’re working on improving stamina, try to reach the target heart rate of 60% of your maximum heart rate. This target heart rate will ensure that you are working out at moderate intensity, which will help you build stamina over time. 
  • Try HIIT Exercise — HIIT exercise is an excellent choice when you’re searching for ways how to increase stamina. Research has found that completing HIIT exercise for just 20 minutes had double the effectiveness of promoting skills like endurance than other activities like biking or running. MaxiClimber is a great way to get started with HIIT exercise. MaxiClimber is a high-intensity cardio workout, making it the perfect exercise to use during the more intense portions of your HIIT workout. 
  • Regular Workouts — Since one of the main factors in improving stamina is time, it’s vital to commit to a regular workout schedule. Instead of working out once every few days or exercising intensely for one week out of every month, consistency is key. To get started, pick a few set days each week that will be your exercise days and treat your workouts as a part of your schedule, just like going to work or doing the dishes. Soon enough, you’ll start to view them as a part of your routine and will find that sticking with them gets easier. 
  • Embrace Variety — If you complete the same exercise every time you work out, for weeks on end, you will be much less likely to see improvements in stamina and overall fitness ability. To continue to improve, you need to challenge your body. To do this, embrace variety in your workout plan. Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine, whether that means trying new moves, working out for longer periods of time or adding more days to your fitness schedule. If you need help coming up with different routines to try on your MaxiClimber, MaxiClimber’s free app has customizable training programs and video workouts led by expert coaches. 

Increase Stamina with MaxiClimber

Once you know how to increase stamina, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having high stamina, like reduced levels of fatigue, improved focus and better fitness results. Increasing stamina is easy when you choose to work out with MaxiClimber. MaxiClimber’s high-intensity workouts that combine cardio exercise with full-body resistance are the perfect challenging fitness activity to help you build stamina. 

Best of all, MaxiClimber allows you to increase stamina from the comfort of your own home. You’re much more likely to be able to commit to a regular fitness schedule when you can exercise from your bedroom, living room or balcony. Any room in your house or any spot in your backyard can become a home gym when you have MaxiClimber’s at-home exercise machine. MaxiClimber is a full-body workout that will put your body to the test and help you increase stamina over time. 

Try MaxiClimber today to work on improving your stamina!