Progression Fitness 101

What Is Progression Fitness? How Can It Change Your Body?

There’s nothing better than the feeling of finding the right at-home workout routine for you. Whether you discover a full-body workout routine on the MaxiClimber app or create your own rotation of exercises that target your upper body, lower body and core on your MaxiClimber, you’ll know that you’ve found a great routine when you enjoy the exercises while you’re performing them and feel the telltale burn of effective fitness afterwards. 

While it’s essential to find at-home workouts that you enjoy, it’s equally vital to make sure you don’t end up in an exercise rut. It’s important not to get so comfortable with your at-home workout routine that you never switch it up. Variety is one of the key ingredients of an effective fitness program. 

Changing up your exercise plan through a strategy called progression fitness ensures that your body will continue to be challenged and that you’ll see the results you want. Read on to find out everything you need to know about progression fitness with MaxiClimber and how it benefits your body. 

What is Progression Fitness?What is Progression Fitness?

If you’ve ever settled into a workout routine and continued to perform it the exact same way for an extended period of time, you probably noticed that your body’s response to it changed over time. While the workout may have been challenging initially, over time it probably became much less difficult for you to complete. The idea of progression fitness aims to counteract this experience. 

With progression fitness, you increase the level of difficulty of your exercise sessions as your body gets used to them. The purpose of progression fitness is to ensure that you continue to see results from your workout efforts. Your body naturally gets used to a workout when it’s performed again and again because it adapts to it. When you switch up the routine with progression fitness, your body faces a new challenge and works harder until it once again adapts to the changes and the process starts again. 

Progression Fitness and the BodyProgression Fitness and the Body

One of the main ways progression fitness interacts with the body has to do with the muscles. Any new at-home workout will challenge your muscles by introducing them to new movements and placing a different kind of demand on them than they are used to, since they’ve never completed the workout before. Over time, your muscles get used to the actions involved in the routine and the demand they are under. As a result, it no longer challenges them. When you change up the workout, you place more demand or a new kind of stimulation on the muscles, once again challenging them. Keeping the muscles challenged with progression fitness is how you make progress and get results from your exercise efforts. 

Types of Progression Fitness Types of Progression Fitness

There is more than one way to incorporate progression fitness into your regular at-home workout routine. Embracing progression fitness doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch and create a whole new routine every time you get used to your existing workout. Here are a few types of progression fitness that can be used to adapt an exercise routine: 

  • Duration — One kind of progression fitness involves increasing the duration of your exercise sessions. If you’re just getting started with a regular workout routine on your MaxiClimber machine, you might begin by exercising for just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. As you get comfortable with this workout length, you can slowly increase the duration of your at-home workouts by 5 minute increments. 
  • Frequency — The number of days per week that you exercise is another factor you can manipulate in order to add progression fitness to your at-home workout routine. To start off, you might hop on your MaxiClimber machine just one or two days a week. Once your body gets used to this frequency of workouts, you can gradually increase how often you exercise. For a couple weeks or a month, work out for three days a week. Eventually, you can work your way up to working out four or five days a week. 
  • Intensity — Another type of progression fitness involves switching up the intensity of your exercise. Once your body gets used to an at-home workout routine, you can switch it up and work out harder so that the routine will be more intense and pose a greater challenge to your muscles. One way to increase the intensity of your exercise is to use more resistance. With a built-in 12-level resistance system, the MaxiClimber XL machine makes switching up the resistance level over time simple. 
  • Workout Type — Trying out a new workout type is another strategy for incorporating progression fitness into your workout efforts. One example of a great workout type to try out is high-intensity interval training or HIIT fitness. It involves alternating between short periods of high-intensity exercise and longer periods of lower-intensity exercise during a single fitness session. MaxiClimber is an excellent choice for using during your at-home workouts with HIIT fitness. MaxiClimber is a high-intensity exercise that can easily be worked into a variety of different HIIT exercise routines. You can find examples of HIIT workouts designed specifically for the MaxiClimber on the MaxiClimber app and YouTube page

Benefits of Progression FitnessBenefits of Progression Fitness

The multiple different kinds of progression fitness mean there are many ways to add it into your at-home workout routine. As you try out various types of progression fitness and explore them with your MaxiClimber exercise machine, you’re sure to be able to find ones that work for you and help you make progress towards your fitness goals. Here are some of the top benefits of putting in the work and making progression fitness a part of your exercise program:

  • Increase Muscle Strength — With progression fitness, you’ll be able to build muscle strength. The goal of progression fitness is to keep challenging your muscles with new variations on your workout routine, so it’s no surprise that this process leads to strengthening the muscles. 
  • Reduce Risk of Injury — As you continue to challenge yourself and gain muscle strength, your body will become stronger and will get better at maintaining a proper form during your at-home workouts. These improvements put you at a lower risk of suffering exercise-related injuries. 
  • Meet Your Fitness Goals — Progression fitness is absolutely essential for meeting your fitness goals. If you never change your exercise routine, you simply won’t make any progress toward your exercise objectives. The challenge and variety provided by progression fitness is what supports your journey toward seeing results. Whether your goal is to maintain a healthy weight, increase endurance or improve strength, progression fitness is a necessary part of making it a reality.

Enjoy Progression Fitness with MaxiClimberEnjoy Progression Fitness with MaxiClimber

Progression fitness is a valuable part of any at-home fitness plan. MaxiClimber makes adding progression fitness to your routine simple. With MaxiClimber, you can easily vary the duration, frequency, intensity and type of workouts you perform on a regular basis from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, MaxiClimber makes exercise enjoyable. 

Instead of dreading workout sessions that feel like a chore, you’ll enjoy the challenge of trying out new exercises on your MaxiClimber and exceeding all of your exercise goals. MaxiClimber’s dynamic motion is based on rock-climbing and provides a unique exercise experience that is sure to keep you motivated and engaged. 

Choose MaxiClimber today to enjoy all of the benefits of combining progression fitness with at-home workouts!