Combine Training Techniques with MaxiClimber
Training. It’s a word that gets your blood pumping. It’s more than just taking time to workout. Training has a trajectory, a goal. Maybe your goal is an athletic event like a triathlon or an Iron Man. Or, maybe your goal is more personal. Maybe you have an ideal amount of muscle to gain or fat to burn. Maybe you’re just trying to develop healthy habits for a better lifestyle. Whatever your reason for training, a climber exercise machine can be the perfect addition to your approach. Another great addition could be combining various training techniques for optimal results. Here is a brief look into the power of combining training techniques and how to use your commercial vertical climber for a MaxiClimber full body workout.

Different Training Techniques

There is no one best approach to fitness. Different techniques work for different people, and each technique offers a unique take on a workout. Here are a few common training techniques that you might consider applying in your exercise regimen.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular training techniques. It focuses on short, intense bursts of cardio combined with extended rest periods of strength training in between. The idea is to raise and lower your heart rate quickly to optimize fat burn and muscle building. These workouts typically last about 30 minutes, and burn up to 30 percent more calories than other workout styles.

LIIT – Low Intensity Interval Training

Low Intensity Interval Training takes a similar approach to HIIT workouts by switching between intense periods and recovery periods. The difference between LIIT and HIIT is that LIIT intensity is less intense than the cardio bursts of HIIT. Don’t get us wrong. You’ll still be getting in a nice calorie burn. You’ll just never push yourself to a full sprint during cardio, and your recovery periods will be longer than the typical HIIT recovery. This is a good option for those working up to a HIIT workout or who have physical restrictions that prohibit maximum cardio. LIIT can still deliver great results if you put more overall time into the workout, like one hour instead of 30 minutes.

Circuit Training

Circuit training focuses more heavily on strength training than on cardio. The average circuit includes anywhere from 4 to 8 individual exercises. You’ll work your way through each exercise one after the other and try to complete the entire loop in a certain amount of time. You’ll still be moving quickly and building muscle, but your heart rate won’t be as drastically raised and lowered as during LIIT and HIIT.


You’ve likely heard this term before. Cross-training is a particularly useful training technique if you are preparing for a race or athletic event. It simply means mixing different workouts into a comprehensive fitness routine. You may do cardio on Monday, yoga on Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday, weightlifting on Thursday, and cycling on Friday. By mixing up your workout style, you build different muscle groups and increase your flexibility.

Tackle Speed and Strength

The beautiful thing about exercise is that you don’t have to pigeon-hole yourself into one training technique. You can mix up your schedule, or take the best of a few routines and make your own. The key is to focus on both speed and strength. Together, these two aspects of your workout will help you burn fat and build muscle — which in turn burns more fat. Both speed and strength will help you become a balanced and well-rounded athlete.

Use Your MaxiClimber

There are so many climber machine benefits, but the greatest is the ability to seamlessly combine speed and strength training with one piece of low-impact exercise equipment. You can easily incorporate the MaxiClimber into any training technique. For example, time on the MaxiClimber XL could fulfill the cardio portion of HIIT or LIIT training, could be one of the workouts on your cross-training schedule, or even be a station on your next circuit. However you choose to use your MaxiClimber, you’ll be able to target all major muscle groups and reach maximum fat-burning potential all in the comfort of your home.
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