What Equals a Full Body Workout With MaxiClimber?

How Effective is a Full Body Workout With MaxiClimber?

You've already heard the news: MaxiClimber is the #1 vertical climber on the market. With so many copycats that pale in comparison, it's easy to see just how incredible an opportunity it is to be a part of the MaxiClimber community and get the full body workout results you deserve. But just how effective is the MaxiClimber compared to other workouts — not just similar vertical climbers? We'll break it down for you from time to cost and so much more. Here's why MaxiClimber is the #1 vertical climber that maximizes your workout in a way no other fitness method can.

To Get the Same Level Full Body Workout…

You would need to engage in a cardio workout routine like jogging or jump rope for three to four times as long as you would on your vertical climber. You would have to do cardio longer and then still need specific sessions to focus on toning your legs and arms. What some people accomplish in a week, many execute in a few sessions on their MaxiClimber. This saves a considerable amount of time. But time isn't the only savings you'll experience with MaxiClimber. Less time working out in exchange for a cost-effective full-body workout equals incredible monetary savings as well. Think about it! With MaxiClimber, depending on the model you choose, you're paying a one-time fee of either $199 or $399. To tone your arms, strengthen your legs and burn calories to achieve the same level of full body workout that you can on MaxiClimber, you would need several types of fitness machines. Most likely, that would mean a gym membership. In 2021, the average cost for a first-year gym membership in America was $507. Even without the added cost of enrollment fees during that first year, subsequent years of gym membership annual costs averaged around $479. Considering MaxiClimber at most is a one-time fee, it is pretty clear that investing in a quality piece of at-home gym equipment is the most cost-effective way to work out. But when you compare just how effective that piece of home gym equipment is with a vertical climber over other methods, you're saving time and money simultaneously.

Let's Break It Down Even Further

What's it like comparing tried and true old-school workout methods to the effectiveness of a MaxiClimber? Check out these comparisons:


Vertical Climber vs. Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes have been a longtime popular workout routine. The indoor stationary bike was invented in 1968 and continued to rise in popularity over the decades. And what's there not to love? You can get a steady cardio workout in without having to go anywhere — rain or shine! However, this isn't the 1900s anymore, and we all know cardio is not the end-all-be-all to our workout routine needs. The stationary bike is not without its limitations:
  • It is mainly cardio without strength training
  • It focuses predominantly on legs
  • It can take a while to burn desired calorie amount
It's not surprising that according to studies, MaxiClimber burns more than double the amount of calories of a stationary bike within the same amount of time. This is due to the fact that using a vertical climber is a full body workout. When using the MaxiClimber, you're working out your legs, arms and core — all while engaging in fat-blasting cardio. The best part? MaxiClimber is significantly more affordable than many of the popular brands of stationary bikes.
  • Peloton = nearly $1,500
  • NordicTrack = nearly $2,000
  • Bowflex = $1,000
More effective results with more money in your pocket? Yes, please!

Vertical Climber vs. Elliptical

The elliptical machine is not as old school as the stationary bike. First gaining popularity in the 1990s, this hot trend grew by 220 percent between 2000 and 2007. Of course, it made sense. This low-impact exercise machine provided a full body workout unlike any fitness equipment of its generation. However, while the elliptical helped pave the way, it simply doesn't hold a candle to vertical climbers. The full body workout is more intense and targets more muscle groups than the elliptical. In fact, a study comparing MaxiClimber to other machines found that the afterburn effect is more prolonged for users who worked out on a MaxiClimber vs. an elliptical. After the study participants worked out for the same amount of time and same vigor level, those who worked out on MaxiClimber burned 45 percent more calories during their cool down once they were done exercising. So not only does MaxiClimber blast calories more during the workout, the effects keep coming, even once the full body workout is complete. The price for an average elliptical can range anywhere from $300 to around $5,000. So investing in a MaxiClimber will save you money while also providing you with a better calorie burn overall. Better full body workout with great results? It's no contest.

Vertical Climber vs. Treadmill

Walk, jog or run — it's one of the most basic forms of cardio exercise. It's no wonder that treadmills are so popular. The physical movement required to do the exercise is so familiar and simple that a toddler can do it. Since most people can tolerate walking in place, it's a great beginner workout for many. However, it is far from being the most effective fitness method. First, it's hard on the knees. While walking can be a little less harsh, jogging and running are far from low-impact and, over time, can cause joint health issues. However, MaxiClimber is one of the best low-impact exercises you can do. Vertical climbers have the same perks as a treadmill — being able to work out in a stationary position, rain or shine — while still being kind to your body to promote longevity and fewer injuries. Not only that, but when put head-to-head, MaxiClimber outperformed a treadmill when study participants exercised at a similar moderate pace for the same amount of time. Those who used MaxiClimber for their full body workout burned more than triple the calories. Since treadmills only focus on legs, unless you're pumping hand weights at the same time as using the machine, you're not going to reap the benefits of a full body workout. Plus, for giving a lesser workout, you'd assume a treadmill would be cheaper than MaxiClimber. Think again! In this recent ranking of popular treadmill brands, Forbes listed the prices and 10 out of the 12 machines they reviewed were between $1,000 and $4,000. That's a high price to pay for a movement you can easily do on the sidewalk outside. Vertical climbers are designed to execute a fitness movement that blasts calories with high octane cardio at the same time as toning major muscle groups. It's a full body workout that's hard to get in any other way. And with MaxiClimber, achieving that level of effectiveness is way more affordable than old-school machines like treadmills.

Vertical Climber vs. Vertical Climber

It's no typo! MaxiClimber isn't the only vertical climber out there. How does it rank against other machines just like it? Both MaxiClimber and other copycats blast calories with full body workouts that yield excellent results. However, MaxiClimber is still revered as #1 by multiple media outlets and reviews. One of the main reasons MaxiClimber stands out among the crowd is its effectiveness to cost ratio. Many other vertical climbers boast fancy pre-programmed workouts into the equipment's technology and then use fancy bells and whistles to justify the high price tag. At MaxiClimber, we believe in accessibility. We're passionate about health and fitness and support our community. That's why MaxiClimber is ranked #1 for best vertical climber overall. Its sleek design makes it's foldable and portable, but it still maintains the stability that allows for users to weigh up to 300 lbs on our XL model. We also offer several ways to view streamable workouts, coaching and plans through social media and our app. While the calorie burn may be the same between vertical climbers, the experience is undoubtedly different for those who choose MaxiClimber. Less money spent, but so much more gained.

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