Home Conditioning with MaxiClimber
Recent events have changed the way many of us approach our day to day lives — including our workouts. Instead of spending leg day at the gym, we’re suddenly trying to figure out how to complete effective leg workouts at home. How do we get in cardio without leaving the living room? Luckily, MaxiClimber has a solution.

Why Invest in Home Workout Equipment?

Home workout equipment makes it easy to get in a quality workout from the comfort of your own home. The MaxiClimber is a HIIT training machine that allows you to fit strength and conditioning along with killer cardio into one simple workout. It also offers a host of other benefits that make it the perfect companion for quarantine. Each MaxiClimber is made of lightweight, high grade, durable aluminum which makes it easy to move and assemble. And the MaxiClimber’s compact design makes it simple to store and ideal for small spaces like apartments, basements, patios, and garages. A vertical climber workout takes the best elements of stair steppers, core-engaging workouts, incline, and HIIT training and rolls them all into one fat-burning solution. You can even target multiple muscle groups without ever leaving your home. When you target the upper body, lower body, and core simultaneously, you can boost your calorie burning and build more lean muscle — which means you burn more fat when you aren’t working out. With low-impact movements, working out on a vertical climber protects your joints and muscles, making it a great solution for beginners, the elderly, or those with prior injuries.

Tips for Effective Home Workouts

One of the biggest selling points of going to a gym or participating in an exercise group is the camaraderie and accountability of other athletes. When you’re quarantined at home, it suddenly becomes much more difficult for many people to stick to a workout routine. Start yourself off on the right foot with these tips:
  1. Commit. Your commitment is your most powerful tool. After all, so much of your workout is mental. Set your goal — whether that be a certain number of workouts each week or a weight-loss target — and set a schedule. Treat your at home workout time just like you would your visit to the gym.
  2. Build a Virtual Support System. Just because you can’t workout in person with your buddies doesn’t mean you can’t still offer support. Video chat while you workout. Report on your workout results in a group chat. There are plenty of ways to stay connected even while you are apart.
  3. Eat Well. What you put into your body fuels your workouts. While being home all day might tempt you to snack or binge on treats, try to maintain healthy eating habits.

Get Started with the MaxiClimber App

The MaxiClimber App is a great resource for kicking your home workouts into gear. You’ll get access to the 21 Day Maxi-Challenge interval training program, the perfect at home workouts for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Each day of the interval challenge will help you achieve a MaxiClimber total body workout. You’ll also have access to:
  • A complete meal plan with more than 80 recipes
  • Progress trackers that help you determine the calories burned and the type of workout you complete each day
  • Ways to connect with friends and family by sharing your results
  • Customized trainings and workout ideas
  • MaxiClimber Customer Service and your vertical climber user manual in the palm of your hand
Get started by downloading the MaxiClimber app today!
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