4 Ways MaxiClimber Fights Gym Intimidation

How MaxiClimber Fights Gym Intimidation

Sometimes, starting an effective workout routine is more complicated than it looks. We have the desire, but the lack of resources, motivation, or other obstacles can stand in our way. One common roadblock many face is learning how to settle gym intimidation. That’s where MaxiClimber comes in. Setting up your own home mini gym with quality workout equipment is the perfect way to stick to a workout routine you’ll enjoy while building confidence. Here are four ways MaxiClimber is the perfect addition to helping you learn how to settle gym intimidation in a way that will yield results.
  1. Never Have to Worry About Crowds

The number one perk to having a home mini gym you enjoy working out in is the fact that you can avoid the crowds at the gym in your area. Let’s face it. There are so many downsides to crowded gyms:

  • Lines to check-in
  • Locker shortage
  • Maximums for group classes or getting there last so you have the worst spot
  • Having to wait for your preferred machines
This list goes on. Not only will you never have to guess if the machine you want is available on a crowded day, but you’ll also never have to deal with uncomfortable interactions with other gym-goers. Now you can burn more calories than the traditional machines found at your local gym while also enjoying your peace and alone time. Plus, nothing helps with building confidence, quite like getting fast results. Once your stamina increases, your body starts to tone, and you feel comfortable as an athlete with a regular workout routine, perhaps you’ll want to venture to a gym for the communal aspect — or maybe not. Whether that’s your goal or you only want to secure a solid routine at home indefinitely, nothing helps you figure out how to settle gym intimidation quite like MaxiClimber.
  1. Avoid Germy Gyms
Another area of intimidation many struggle with has to do with germs. And when flu season ramps up from October through May, going to crowded places can be uncomfortable– regardless of if you’re older or a young adult. Whether you suffer from heightened intimidation toward uncleanliness, you’re not wrong for being concerned about a communal gym. Unfortunately, for a place dedicated to keeping you healthy, your local gym is running rampant with germs. According to one study, each piece of equipment at a communal gym is teeming with more than one million germs per square inch. Even though gym-goers are supposed to wipe off the equipment they use, the study found that hand weights had 263 times more germs than a toilet. YIKES! Researchers also discovered that the average treadmill had 74 times more bacteria than a public water faucet. Building confidence about healthily going to the gym could be as simple as a bottle of hand sanitizer, but even good hygiene practices can only go so far. If you’re feeling anxious about germs, invest in a home mini-gym that’ll keep you healthy in more ways than one. You can be confident that your MaxiClimber will have significantly fewer germs than a public treadmill. Better yet– it’ll work more effectively than one too! Studies show that 10 minutes on the MaxiClimber was more efficient at burning calories than the same time on the treadmill and stationary bike. The pros to investing in a MaxiClimber keep on coming!
  1. Maintain The Privacy You Desire

While crowds can be stressful, sometimes the main thing causing intimidation is your need for privacy. This is why maintaining an enjoyable workout routine in your own space can be extra desirable. No one enjoys their personal space being infringed upon and some struggle with it more than others. One study found that social intimidation often led to increased gym avoidance. So what can be done to figure out how to settle gym intimidation when science even shows that this issue is causing people to simply not workout? Changing the location to working out at home can make all the difference. By moving your workout routine to your home mini gym, you can enjoy reaching your fitness goals while building confidence your way. Breathe easy by creating your stress-free fitness zone with MaxiClimber.

  1. Give Your Mental Health a Boost

It’s no secret that eliminating stressors like the above can help you feel better and lessen overall intimidation. Still, research shows that maintaining a consistent workout routine that you enjoy can also have a tremendous impact on your overall mental health. One study found that when compared to the effects of antidepressants, participants diagnosed with major depressive disorders experienced a similar level of relief mood-wise. When those same participants were revisited a year later, they discovered that those who incorporated fitness into their regular routine experienced a longer remission of symptoms compared to those who solely relied on medication and/or stopped working out. That’s not to say you should necessarily stop your medication. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations in this area and consult them regarding any lifestyle changes you want to make. However, if you struggle with mental health and mood regulatory issues, avoiding the gym without a plan to maintain your workout routine can cause problems. Finding a way to continue your fitness schedule on your own terms will make all the difference both physically and mentally.

MaxiClimber Makes Working Out Stress-Free

Gym-going intimidation is a real thing people struggle with. But when trying to figure out how to settle gym intimidation, don’t let the idea of physically going to a gym stop you from getting the workout you deserve. That’s why moving your workout routine to the comfort of your own home may be the right solution for you. Managing stress and mental health is just as important as hitting your physical fitness goals. If working out at a gym causes undue stress, it’s time to rethink how you view fitness and invest in a home mini gym that’ll work for you. MaxiClimber is here to help. It’s fun, effective, and can also fold up for storage in small spaces. Plus, when determining how to settle gym intimidation, you don't have to forgo your sense of community. By joining the MaxiClimber community, you also get a world of support without ever stepping foot in a crowded gym or personal trainer’s office. Live stream workouts and interact with our own health coaches to get the results you want with your MaxiClimber. With our virtual workouts, you’ll be building confidence and enjoying fitness in no time. Are you ready to revolutionize the way you view at-home fitness and experience results that fit into your life your way? Click here to learn more about MaxiClimber today.