MaxiClimber Can Help You Get Back on Track
Recent events have changed the way we live, work, and work out. For many of us, that may mean our previously successful habits and routines have fallen by the wayside. No matter the reason for your exercise slump, a vertical climber like the MaxiClimber XL or the MaxiClimber Classic can help you get back on track.

The Benefits of a MaxiClimber Workout

When it comes to exercise equipment climber machines, like the MaxiClimber, they can offer you all the benefits of a gym workout and more. Vertical Climber machines enable you to lose weight and tone muscles simultaneously, and the low-impact movement makes the MaxiClimber full-body workout perfect for beginners, seniors and those with prior injuries. Climbing cardio is based on the principles of high-intensity interval training when done in high-intensity bursts with short periods of rest — bringing together the benefits of both cardio and resistance training. It’s effective, and it’s fun. This approach has been shown to effectively burn more calories and build lean muscle. You’ll also experience killer afterburn, which means your body keeps burning calories at a high rate even after your workout has ended. You can burn twice as many calories as you would on a treadmill and gain an extra 45% afterburn.

The 21-Day MaxiChallenge

One of the best ways to get yourself back into a healthy exercise routine is participating in the 21 Day MaxiChallenge. When you purchase a MaxiClimber vertical climber, you’ll gain immediate access to this 21-day fitness app guided wellness plan to help you max out your strength, cardio, and endurance. The MaxiChallenge features a 21-Day guided interval program with fitness expert and coach Mark Harari. You can track your progress, seeing calories burned and the time spent working out each day. If you need the support of a community while you workout from home, you can use the app to connect with friends and family and share your daily training results. If you have a day where you are struggling to keep your commitment, the app will send you helpful notifications with encouragement and reminders. You’ll also get access to the 21-Day Complete Meal Plan. This plan features more than 80 recipes designed to support your fitness journey with foods that give you the energy and nutrition your body needs to build muscle. At the end of your 21-Day MaxiChallenge, you’ll unlock four customized training routines to help you continue your path to success.

MaxiClimber Fast Facts

Ready to MaxiClimb your way to strong muscles and a strong heart? Here are a few fast facts you should know: 
  • MaxiClimbers come in two models. The MaxiClimber Classic has an adjustable user height up to 6’2”, compact design, and a weight limit of up to 240 lbs. The MaxiClimber XL is perfect for anyone up to 6’6” and 300 lbs. It offers 12 levels of bi-directional hydraulic piston resistance.
  • MaxiClimbers are affordable. How much is the MaxiClimber? The MaxiClimber Classic starts at see offer. If the MaxiClimber XL is more for you, get it delivered to your home for as little.
  • MaxiClimber is perfect for small spaces. The compact and foldable MaxiClimber design makes it perfect for small apartments, basements, patios, and garages. Be sure to use it on a flat, stable surface. Avoid placing it on area rugs or other objects that may move while exercising.
  • MaxiClimber comes with a warranty. Each MaxiClimber comes with a one year warranty. If you ever have any issues or questions, our customer service team is available to help.
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