MaxiClimber’s Favorite Home Workout Machine Accessories
The best thing about owning a home workout machine is the ability to get a killer workout without leaving your house. And, when that home workout equipment is a full-body climber machine, you benefit even more, with cardio, toning, and low-impact exercise all at the same time. Another benefit of working out at home is the ability to customize your routine with specialized accessories that may not be available at the average gym. Here are a few of MaxiClimber’s favorite home workout accessories.

MaxiSport Weight Vest

This neoprene vest is filled with built-in iron and sand weights. Wearing the vest while you workout helps you gain strength and burn additional calories. The adjustable straps and soft padding make it comfortable to wear while you move.

MaxiSport Waist Trimmer Belt

The MaxiSport Waist Trimmer Belt performs several functions as you workout. First, it provides support to the lower back. Second, it helps capture the body heat stimulated by exercise and increases the perspiration around the waist. This helps reduce body fat on the waist and promote more weight loss during exercise.

MaxiSport and Fitness Mat

The MaxiSport Armband is a convenient holder for your favorite device. It makes it easy to listen to your favorite playlist, podcast, or tv show while you workout. And, for when you take your workout off the exercise climber machine, the MaxiClimber Fitness Mat is perfect for stretching, yoga, or working with weights.

MaxiSport Thermogenic Gel

Though not technically an accessory, MaxiSport Thermogenic Gel is one of our favorites. It is a topical muscle defining compound. That’s the fancy way of saying that you apply it to your skin to reduce the appearance of stubborn surface body fat. It’s great for abs, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps.

Which MaxiClimber is right for me?

Every MaxiClimber exercise equipment climber will offer you a quality workout, but each model has its own target user and unique features. When it comes to exercise equipment, climber machines are compact and powerful. Here are the models you can find at MaxiClimber:

MaxiClimber Classic:

Like all of our machines, the MaxiClimber Classic comes with …
  • 90% Pre-Assembled design
  • Included Meal plans
  • Fitness level-adaptive settings
  • Access to the MaxiClimber Fitness App
The MaxiClimber Classic also includes …
  • Electronic fitness monitoring
    • The MaxiClimber Classic offers the same fat-burning power and easy storage as the MaxiClimber Sport, but with the addition of electronic fitness monitoring. Use the digital steps and calorie counter to gauge your workout and set new goals.
  • Larger height limit
    • People don’t meet the one-size-fits-all category, so your home workout machine shouldn’t, either. The MaxiClimber Classic features an adjustable user height up to 6’2” for safe, comfortable exercise no matter your stature.
With its heavy-duty design, the MaxiClimber Classic is ideal for individuals up to 6’2” and those meeting the 240lbs or below weight requirements.

MaxiClimber XL-2000:

Like all of our machines, the MaxiClimber XL-2000 comes with …
  • 90% Pre-Assembled design
  • Included Meal plans
  • Fitness level-adaptive settings
  • Access to the MaxiClimber Fitness App
The MaxiClimber XL-2000 also includes …
  • Resistance ready design
    • Enjoy 12 levels of bi-driectional hydraulic piston resistance
  • Digital Steps and Calorie Counter
    • For tracking your progress on all fronts.
The MaxiClimber XL-2000 is our strongest, most versatile model. It has a weight limit of up to 300 lbs and an adjustable height of up to 6 feet 6 inches
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