Tips To Improve Your Morning Workout

6 Tips To Improve Your Morning Workout

It’s no secret that a morning workout can give you extra health benefits compared to exercising at different times of the day. But how can you milk every last ounce of effectiveness out of that workout routine to make it worth getting up with the sun? With busy schedules, lack of sleep and waning motivation, it can be hard to convince ourselves to get up early enough to start our day with a sweat session. So if you’re going to put in the effort to drag yourself out of bed, you’re going to want to make sure it’s worth it. Here are some tried and true, science-backed tips to rev up your morning workout and get the results you deserve.

Get enough sleep

The most important thing you can do to improve your morning workout is to make sure you start with a good night's sleep. All the prep in the world won’t matter if you don’t bank enough hours snoozing soundly. According to several studies, not getting enough sleep won’t just make you groggy the next day. It’ll actually make exercising harder for you to do. Not getting enough sleep can most likely impair your VO2 Max, which is important– especially when you’re trying to do a full-body workout. While most studies focus on severe sleep loss or deprivation, one study found that not sleeping enough for one night can impede your endurance performance and ultimately make cardio workouts at home feel significantly more complex and increase your likelihood of injuries. It could even have your body experiencing overtraining symptoms, despite doing a safe and reasonable amount of fitness, simply because you didn’t get enough shut-eye before your morning workout.

1. Set Consistent Wake Up Time

Woman getting a consistent amount of hours to actually rest

Another trick that could improve your morning workout efforts is setting a consistent wake-up time. If you wake up at 6 a.m. one day, sleep in until 8 a.m. another day and occasionally get up at 5:30 a.m. on a different day, you may be doing more harm than good to your workout routine. According to sleep specialist W. Christopher Winter, M.D, a neurologist and author of The Sleep Solution, people should wake up at the same time every day– regardless if they’re going to work out or not. “If we are keeping that really consistent, then our brain understands that every day, this is when our day starts,” he said in an interview with SELF Magazine. “It can start to plan out everything our body has to do.” The result of following a consistent wake-up time is increased alertness and energy. Plus, studies show that a consistent wake-up time is related to lower body fat when paired with adequate sleep. So grab your favorite alarm clock or program your Alexa to remember your wake-up time. Avoiding the snooze button could really give you the boost you’ve been needing.

2. Wait to Have Breakfast

Woman just woke up with a smile to start working out before getting breakfast

It may sound like backward advice. Exercise without breakfast? But isn’t it the most important meal of the day? While it is essential to start your day fueling your body with adequate nutrition, getting up and doing your workout first before taking a bite will actually help you in the long run. According to one study, men who did their morning workout before eating anything burned twice as much fat than those who ate breakfast. The reason has to do with lower insulin levels from fasting overnight. This affected their body’s ability to burn fat first thing in the morning and made their bodies operate more efficiently overall. If you’re planning on running a marathon first thing in the morning, this is probably not the best course of action. But for those who are trying to squeeze in a 20-minute workout or a quick HIIT 10-minute circuit.

3. Prep Food The Day Before

Woman with her breakfast on a tray that she got ready the night before

If you’re following our advice to wait on breakfast, then another key to success is making sure you prep your food the night before. Nothing’s worse than putting in the effort for a morning workout, skipping breakfast to boost your fat-burning powers, and then bingeing a Pop-Tart on the way to work because you’re too worn out to make yourself a Greek yogurt parfait or steel-cut oats. Workout meal prep the night before or even all at once on the weekend can ensure you have the perfect after-workout snack or healthy breakfast to follow that vital morning workout routine. After all, even though studies show that morning workouts curb appetites, you want to make sure your workout routine is not in vain and set yourself up for success the rest of the day.

4. Just Do It for at Least 10 Minutes

Food containers showing how to get a quick healthy snack so you can also get a 10 minute quick workout

When it comes to being short on time in the morning, usually, the first thing people cut when running late is their workout routine. But often, we’re overcomplicating something that doesn’t have to be as long or involved as we think. Studies show that even 10 minutes of exercise can have incredible benefits. Studies show that a 10-minute workout can improve blood pressure and help with managing a healthy BMI. A quick HIIT 10-minute circuit or session on your MaxiClimber during a short morning workout could impact your health drastically, making it worth the effort to see through your fitness plan– even if you’re tired or short on time. So start small. If you want to make morning workouts a part of your daily routine, don’t get intimidated by the idea that you need to wake up one to two hours earlier to fit it in. A workout routine doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Every bit counts.

5. Grab a buddy

A timer can help you with a technologic companion for your workout

If you’re looking to give your morning workout an added boost, it’s time to phone a friend! Science shows that the presence of another person during your workout routine will positively affect your overall performance. One study found that cyclists were significantly faster when surrounded by other cyclists rather than just pedaling alone as hard as they could. Meaning, the buddy system can have a significant impact on your performance during a workout routine. No friend available to meet up for your a.m. workout routine? Don’t worry. Thanks to technology, you can benefit from simulating the presence of other people by streaming workouts online. As a MaxiClimber user, you would have full access to live and pre-recorded sessions with fitness coaches to help guide and motivate you through your activities. They’ll be able to lead you in your ideal cardio workout and offer a variety of classes to help you switch it up if you feel like your workout routine is in a slump.

6. MaxiClimber Makes Morning Workouts Even Easier

mobile showing a MaxiClimber video workout that can help you with a guided HIIT

No matter how many tips and tricks you adapt into your workout routine, the only way you’ll achieve true results is if you find an effective full-body workout that you enjoy. Fortunately, MaxiClimber users rave over the ease, effectiveness and fun-factor of this vertical climber. If you’re interested in an intense workout that is still easy to do and burns fat while also toning muscles — you’ve found the right piece of gym equipment to try. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, MaxiClimber is the perfect fit for your home gym and the best way to jump-start your day. Your morning workout will never be the same. Click here to learn more about how MaxiClimber can revolutionize your lifestyle and kickstart your fitness journey.