Mom’s Guide to Setting Your Summer Workout Schedule

5 Tips for the Ultimate Mom Guide to Setting Your Summer Workout Schedule

The final bell has rung. School is out for summer! While your kids may be throwing the metaphorical confetti around your house already, you may be feeling another emotion — dread. “How the heck will I be able to achieve my fitness goals now?” You may be asking yourself. But never fear! There’s hope! This time of year is actually a great time to work in some added fitness. Your summer workout schedule just may need to look a little different while you’re juggling the kids and their copious amounts of free time over the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, many different types of workouts can fit into the usual fun kid-approved activities. Here are our tips for creating your perfect summer workout schedule.

1. Plan Kid Outings of their Dreams1. Plan Kid Outings of their Dreams  

We all know that any time we try to sneak extra us-time, the kids somehow know (hello, peace and quiet until finally talking on the phone or using the bathroom solo). So for your summer workout schedule, maybe try to be more stealthy instead of sneaky. Hide your exercise in plain sight and even make it appear as if it is meant for them. There are so many types of workouts that kids don’t even realize are a part of the exercise. To them, it’s just fun! Want to add some great cardio? Plan an intense nature hike or bike ride with the family. Want to amp it up even more? Plan a camping trip that involves hiking as well as other types of workouts like strength training (loading heavy equipment or carrying gear backpacks), stretching (yoga under the stars or at sunrise), resistance training (fishing or just pulling a reluctant toddler along). The great outdoors not your thing? Not a problem. Get a membership to a community swimming pool and tread water for some great cardio if you don’t have time to focus on laps. Try out a rock climbing gym or even go putt-putt golfing. And don’t forget long walks in an air-conditioned museum. Educational and fitness? Yes, please! Your summer workout schedule will be so stealth; your kids won’t know what hit them (and you’ll feel great doing it).

2. Break out the Epic Backyard Full Body WorkoutBreak out the Epic Backyard Full Body Workout

Not able to drop the cash on summer activities like a pool membership or fancy camping gear? Your backyard is the budget-friendly cure to your summer workout schedule woes. Maximize your quality time with your kids while they’re home for the summer and still get a workout in. Lead them in a simple game of soccer or basketball. Embrace the traditional kid games like hide and seek or tag. You can get a lot of great cardio with those types of workouts (hello, wind sprints!). Don’t forget some traditional summer water magic for the kids and you! You’re never too old to jump through a sprinkler, and with the help of those nifty multi-water balloon filling devices, you could host an epic water balloon fight that’ll have all the kids in your neighborhood begging to come over. You’ll be breaking a sweat with so many types of workouts; you’ll be seeing results in no time while also making the memories you want with your kids. Want to kick it up another notch to make it a memorable summer? Plan an elaborate family or neighborhood field day, Olympics-esque event into your summer workout schedule. With events like long jump, obstacle courses, and more, you’ll be able to fit in so many types of workouts-- it’ll be everything you’ve ever needed from full-body to strength training. Your kids will be blown away by your athleticism and wonder when you had time to train.

3. Reclaim Rainy Day Summer FunReclaim Rainy Day Summer Fun

Unfortunately, no summer is complete without a few thunderstorms. But a little rain can’t ruin your entire summer workout schedule. In fact, rain is the perfect opportunity for some awesome types of workouts you maybe haven’t even thought of yet. Did you know there are kid workout channels on YouTube that are just as much fun for adults as they are for the little ones needing to get their energy out? Search for GoNoodle and Cosmic Kid Yoga and join in on the fun. Not only will you sneak in the types of workouts you’ve been needing, but you’ll also be setting an excellent example for the kiddos. Other ideas to get the blood pumping during a rainy day, so you don’t miss a fitness opportunity in your summer workout schedule? Plan a dance party with the kids. Add Dollar Tree glow sticks and light-up jewelry, fun flashing lights, and some of their favorite tunes. Your kids will think you’re the coolest mom on the block. Who needs a Zumba class when you have a handful of elementary school-age kids buzzing on lemonade and summer bliss? And if all else fails, an epic house-wide game of “The Floor Is Lava” will have you testing your agility and strength in ways you never knew a home workout could.

4. Create Kid-Friendly Fitness Goals TogetherCreate Kid-Friendly Fitness Goals Together

When planning your summer workout schedule, it doesn’t all have to be about you or secretive-- especially if you have older kids. Fitness can be fun, and setting goals together as a family can help you all push yourselves this summer to do things you never realized. Make it a contest and create a point system. Family members can earn points by running a mile or spending time doing toning exercises, etc. The prize could be something simple like picking the next movie for family movie night or something even more elaborate like getting extra souvenir money for the big family trip at the end of the summer. Create a schedule together. Just like schools recommend your kids set aside some time to read a little every day, encourage your kids to set aside 30 minutes for their personal fitness goals. Maybe that’s going for a walk or doing a kid-friendly fitness video. Perhaps they just shoot hoops outside for a bit or ride their bike. Whatever it is, teach them about making fitness a part of their everyday routine. The end result? You’ll get that same block of time for you to do whatever type of workout your heart desires.

5. Don’t Forget to Use Childcare OptionsDon’t Forget to Use Childcare Options

Sure, you’ll want to spend time with your kids this summer, but Moms deserve a break too! Fortunately, there are so many options for childcare that are summer-specific and deserve a spot on your summer workout schedule. Day camps are a fantastic option to get some alone time so you can use your favorite workout equipment at home like your MaxiClimber. Not only will your kids have a great time learning new things and making friends, but you’ll be able to get at least the morning off to do the types of workouts you want to do in peace. While many day camps are pricey, some organizations and churches offer free or discounted camps for kids. Look at what your community has to offer. And if all else fails, work your social connections. Call Grandma or plan playdates with other moms who’d love to take turns swapping times with you, so you all get a turn to have some peace and quiet during your summer workout schedule.

6. Always Make Time For YouAlways Make Time For You

Sure, it can be challenging to carve out me-time with your kids home for the summer. But you are still important! Set a good example and show your kids that making time for yourself in your summer workout schedule is non-negotiable. Sometimes that may look like waking up early or staying up late to incorporate short workouts into your routine. Other times it could be simply popping in a movie in the afternoon with popcorn for your kids while you engage in whatever types of workouts you are craving that day. Even when you’re playing with your kids, you can set aside some time for yourself. Do a HIIT circuit while your kids are playing in the backyard, and tell them you will join them in their playing after you hit your time goal. Encourage them all to pretend to be mountain climbers while hopping on your MaxiClimber for a quick, highly effective full-body workout. When you take them to a playground at the park, power walks around the equipment to get your cardio in. There are ways to fit your needs in with your kids, and it is so important that they see that too. Whatever your goals are this summer, we understand that it’s difficult to make it work. That’s why MaxiClimber is designed for parents like you who need something that will be effective every time they engage with it, whether it’s for five minutes or 30. It’s easy to use, easy to store and helps you break a sweat when you’re strapped for time. Learn more about how MaxiClimber can help fit into your summer workout schedule.