Here’s Why the Best Streaming Workouts Are Effective

5 Reasons the Best Streaming Workouts Actually Work

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can have a killer cardio workout at home despite the odds. Whether you collected easy-to-store fitness equipment or found the best streaming workouts online to watch virtually — everyone who craves regular exercise turned their homes into epic gyms and made the best of a bad situation. But was it just a passing survival of the fittest moment or actually the beginning of an incredible, game-changing trend? According to the annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, online and virtual training are some of the most rising trends taking the fitness world by storm in 2021. Online training was listed as the number one trend, and for the first time ever, virtual training was listed as a separate category and hit number six on the top-ten list. Online training is defined by the use of streaming workouts. While the pandemic may have caused this to become more popular, it’s projected to continue to grow. And why shouldn’t it? Accessing many of the best streaming workouts for your ultimate cardio workout at home is the kind of futuristic fitness utopia we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s why the best streaming workouts aren’t just fun and convenient-- they’re actually revolutionizing the face of fitness and yielding results:

1. They Make Fitness Education More Accessible

We are living in an era that’s all about breaking down barriers. Socioeconomics has always been an obstacle for many people. But taking care of your health shouldn’t have to be a luxury. Sure, there are ways to get a decent cardio workout at home for free. (You can go for walks or jogs around the block or come up with your own circuit in your living room.) But we all have been in a place where we need a little extra oomph to carry us through to reach our goals. Motivation, guidance, and education are all critical factors that make a big difference. And yet, for so many people who need help harnessing their fitness dreams, it’s out of reach. However, thanks to technology, you can have access to the very best streaming workouts at a click of a button. Some are behind paywalls, but more and more, we’re finding that fitness fanatics who are passionate about health and changing lives are making a move to make it accessible and free. Now more people can have the motivation and direction they need to make a lasting change in their health.

2. It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Life is stressful. Work, home life, personal goals — repeat. It’s a never-ending to-do list that cycles more than the time we get to hop on a stationary bike. This is why having the best streaming workouts available to you is essential. We just simply don’t need the additional stresses modern society puts on us. Not only does streaming live and pre-recorded workouts into your living room or bedroom save you time and improve your productivity, but it’ll also give you extra time to rest and recharge (what a concept, right?). Not only will this reduce stress and help your mental health overall, but you also remove another factor that keeps many people from heading to the gym or trying to find a community to work out in — the fear of judgment from others. Sure, it shouldn’t be a factor, but it is. Whether you’re a beginner afraid to try something new or maybe you have social anxiety — this kind of barrier has prevented so many people from pursuing their fitness goals. Now, it’s not an issue with all the options out there. Simply pick out a workout online, stream it on your favorite device, and enjoy the peace of mind and privacy that comes with engaging in a strength training or cardio workout at home.

3. Motivation Matters

Studies show that working out in a group-like setting actually has some drastic psychological effects that will benefit your health. One 2017 study found that working out in a group reduced stress significantly more than those who work out by themselves. Engaging in solo fitness and cardio workouts at home makes it hard to achieve that same kind of benefit. That’s why the best streaming workouts make it feel like a group fitness class. Psychologically, you’ll still get the benefits of exercising as a group. This is one of the many reasons we pride ourselves on our tight-knit MaxiClimber fitness community and offer free streaming workouts and coaching. When you workout with MaxiClimber, you’ll never feel like you’re at it alone. We all need more motivation right now, and streaming virtual fitness videos is the perfect way to give your home sweat session the extra boost you need.

4. It’s Better For the Whole Family

Another perk of streaming workouts is that the location can be right at your house at any time. Forget that long commute to the gym in traffic, plus the time it takes to park. With the best streaming workouts online, you could literally be done with your daily cardio workout at home by the time you arrived at your local gym. Saving time at the gym means more time for you the way you want to spend it. Not only will you have more time for your family, but if you have kids in the house, you’re doing the important work of setting a good example every time they see you exercise at home. And who knows? Maybe eventually, they’ll even want to join you. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

5. There Are So many Options Available

Being committed to fitness is all about pushing our limits--and yet so many people let things like a gym’s equipment availability, our schedules and our strained budgets limit us. But with many of the streamable workouts available online, your possibilities just got a whole lot broader. The same is especially true with MaxiClimber. Here are some of the ways you can stream fitness videos for your cardio workout at home on your MaxiClimber.

The MaxiClimber Fitness App

When you purchase your MaxiClimber, download the free MaxiClimber Fitness App to your mobile device to get the support you need to succeed. You’ll get instant access to coach-led video workouts, a 21-Day Maxi-Challenge interval training program, customizable interval routines, fitness trackers and meal plans and customer service at the palm of your hand.

The MaxiClimber Youtube Channel

Our Youtube Channel has tons of inspiration for cardio workouts with some of the best streaming workouts available online for free! Look at this awesome 10-minute beginner interval routine with MaxiClimber’s Head Fitness Coach Jamie right now to get you started.

Social Media Streaming with MaxiClimber

Whether you prefer Instagram over Facebook or vice versa, MaxiClimber has got you covered. We have the best streaming workouts on both platforms with our talented and supportive coaches. Connect with other MaxiClimber users as we cheer you on to achieve your fitness goals at home.

Join the MaxiClimber Community

Streaming workouts online is effective for many reasons, but the best part is the fact that everyone can get the support they need to push through motivation slumps and the education to learn how to work out safely and effectively. Learn more about how to add your very own MaxiClimber to your home gym and see why we offer some of the best streaming workouts as a perk for our community. When you purchase a MaxiClimber, you’re getting a whole lot more than just a piece of equipment. You’re getting an entire fitness family who cares streamed right into your living room.