Top 5 Cardiovascular Benefits of the Maxiclimber
Are you looking to improve your endurance with a cardiovascular workout? Working out on the best vertical climber machine on the market, MaxiClimber provides cardiovascular benefits as no other exercise climbers can. The setup takes just a few minutes and soon you’ll be experiencing these top cardiovascular benefits that you get from vertical climbing.

Benefit #1 - Activate Your Muscles

A full-body workout saves you precious time. MaxiClimber strengthens and tones all your important muscles at once. Say goodbye to leg day. You’ll see the highest activity for your shoulders, back, and triceps while also working your thighs and glutes. In the DETAUG Maxiclimber Muscle Activity Study conducted in 2012, the MaxiClimber was proven to be more effective than lunges and squats. With the MaxiClimber you’ll discover muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Benefit #2 - Maintain Perceived Exertion

Even though you’ll be activating all your major muscle groups, interestingly with the MaxiClimber you won’t feel like you are working harder, just working smarter. Studies have shown that perceived exertion does not increase despite the additional calorie burn. As you know, if you don’t feel exhausted, you won’t quit. You can also stay motivated by joining others during MaxiClimber’s Facebook Live workouts.

Benefit #3 - Burn More Calories

When working out, you want to keep burning calories for a long time afterward. Stationary bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals can’t give you the same benefit as a climbing machine workout. In another 2012 study hosted by the DETUAG Testing Center, the MaxiClimber helped participants burn 45% more calories following a moderate workout. That means you’ll still be enjoying the benefits of your exercise while getting other things done.

Benefit #4 - Maintain High Metabolism

The best workouts are those that keep up your metabolism throughout the day. With MaxiClimber full-body vertical climber, even just a 10-minute workout will increase your metabolism after you are done with your workout. If you work out longer and with greater intensity, you’ll see your metabolism boost even more. Check out MaxiClimber’s YouTube channel to discover new workout routines that will push you even further.

Benefit #5 - Increase Oxygen Consumption

No one likes to exercise and feel like they are sucking wind. When working out, you want to stay in an aerobic state to keep your oxygen consumption high. Even during an intense workout on your MaxiClimber, you won’t sacrifice cardiorespiratory benefits. Your heart rate, absolute oxygen consumption (VO2), and carbon dioxide production will be right where they need to be to keep you breathing and increase your endurance. For a healthier and stronger body, you want a workout that will give you the cardiovascular benefits you need. MaxiClimber makes it easy with its uniquely designed machine that you can easily set up in your home within minutes. You won’t need to feel like you are alone in your living room while working towards a leaner and toned body. Join the MaxiClimber community and work out together during their Facebook Live events. There you’ll find tips and suggestions to keep you motivated to use your vertical climber every day. Order yours today and soon you’ll be enjoying all the cardio benefits MaxiClimber has to offer.
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