3 Common Issues with Home Workout Machines
Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscle movement in the ‘80s, taking fitness from the gym to our homes became a catalyst in the health and fitness revolution. Home workouts and home workout machines gave busy individuals the option to get fit and achieve the figure they so craved right from their living room. Fast-forward to the present, and we still see the home fitness industry thriving. Some have even taken the gym home with them, building out their own with climber exercise equipment as seen on TV in garages, basements and spare bedrooms. Some People can Face Issues with Home Workout Machines. Working out from home is great for saving time and consolidating your day-to-day activities, but without proper training and equipment, Some home workout machines can be a hassle to maintain and even cause injuries. Let’s dive into what you need to know before jumping into your home workout.

Issues with Home Workout Machines - Cost

Issues with Home Workout Machines - Cost Issues with Home Workout Machines - Cost
When you’re shopping online or even from your favorite TV shopping channel, the first thing that meets your eye is the numbers -- and there are a lot of them. That new treadmill with all of those cool features? Or how about the mirror that walks you through workouts? Even vertical climber exercise equipment can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re adding to your home gym, that equipment is likely one of many you plan to build out your setup with. Fortunately, there are pieces of home workout equipment that allow you to get a bangin’ workout for only a couple hundred dollars -- including climber workout equipment. With the right price and the right training (YouTube and Instagram have tons of tutorials!), you can burn calories and step up your endurance without dropping a ton of money to do so.

Issues with Home Workout Machines Maintenance

The motor burned out on your treadmill. The heavy-duty resistance band snapped on your workout equipment. Your stairclimber won’t shut off. Yikes! For those using a home gym, all of these situations are absolute nightmares. At a gym, the machine is shut off for a few days and a maintenance guy is called to come and fix it. When you’re at home, you don’t have a ton of options. What are you going to do?
Issues with Home Workout Machines Maintenance Issues with Home Workout Machines Maintenance
You can start with preventative maintenance. Treadmill Reviews recommends changing your belt every three months, but when you’re working, taking care of the kids or trying to keep up with your classes, you may not have time to conduct regular maintenance. What you need is something simple. A machine that’s easy to use, easy to move and doesn’t require a lot of hands-on intervention. Luckily, you have some vertical climber options. Discovering the right tutorials, the right live training and the endless amounts of workout equipment will allow you to bypass the regular maintenance of heavy-duty machines while still getting an amazing workout.

Improper Training

Getting a full, body-busting workout from home sounds great. Who wouldn’t want that? Even when you have all the right equipment and space to do your workout, you’re still missing one essential element: the training. Many home workouts and videos promise an intense fitness experience and most do deliver. However, they don’t emphasize that injuries and improper form that can lead to injuries may occur. Using a mirror helps, but for those with little or no formal training, this can lead to joint strain, tendonitis, slipped discs and more.
Issues with Home Workout Machines - Improper Training Issues with Home Workout Machines - Improper Training
Maxiclimber vertical climbers offer a new way to develop and maintain proper training. Our machines are 90% assembled and easy to use, making them the perfect machine for beginners and those with limited mobility. If you’re using your Maxiclimber for HIIT intervals and additional training, then we would highly recommend researching the proper form of the regular workouts you supplement your training with and even using a mirror (or asking a friend) to check your form. Discover the evolution of home workout machines with affordable, easy to set up, easy-to-use Maxiclimber vertical climber exercise equipment. Check out our selection today!
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