I Have a Hard Time Dieting. What Can I Do?

For many people, “diet,” is a four-letter word, and not just in the literal sense. Just the thought of dieting can be discouraging, especially if you’ve had a hard time dieting in the past or haven’t had the success or results you wanted. MaxiClimber’s 21-day fitness app can help you finally break through your plateaus of dieting. From meal planning and recipes to goal setting and the ability to share your success online, you’ll see the climber machine benefits go beyond your workout!

First, Throw Out the Word “Diet”

MaxiClimber Fiteness App


With so many different types of diets, it seems like the word doesn’t have a single meaning anymore. So get rid of it! Diet has all sorts of negative connotations, and with over 100 million Americans doing it, it’s time to change things up! MaxiClimber’s 21-day fitness app is more about a lifestyle change rather than just a diet. Using your home workout machine and MaxiClimber’s app tools like recipes and meal planning, you can get away from the word “diet” and start thinking about overall health and wellness. After all, about 80% of people who shed significant weight don’t keep it off for at least 12 months. Just losing weight isn’t enough for long-term changes. It’s all about a new, healthier lifestyle.

Second, Make Exercise Enjoyable

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If you dread exercise or hate the thought of going to the gym, you’re not alone! Real Simple has a few ways to make your workout fun, such as listening to music or pairing up with a buddy. MaxiClimber gives you an amazing vertical workout at home, and since it’s different from other exercises you’ve probably done, it’s a great and fun way to get a workout in without dreading it. There are many climber machine benefits, and MaxiClimber helps burn calories and build strength all in a fun innovative way from home.

Third, Take a Holistic Approach to Health


Clipboard with Holistic health and words mind, body and soul.
When we say holistic, we mean for you to think about multiple aspects of your health rather than just the diet. MaxiClimber’s 21-day fitness app helps with several aspects of your health and wellness, helping you make real lifestyle changes rather than just temporarily eating less or working out more. The app has coach-led classes and a fitness coach on demand, giving you the ability to know you’re maximizing your vertical workout at home. There are also options for HIIT training programs, timed workout videos, and the ability to share your results and track your progress. Forget dieting, MaxiClimber’s home workout machine and app will help you transform your life by developing strength, burning calories, and building endurance. Download MaxiClimber’s app and start enjoying the benefits of a new lifestyle!