Get the Most Out of Your MaxiClimber Workout

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your MaxiClimber Workout

Modern-day society is all about productivity. Whether it’s career, family, or fun-- everyone is trying to maximize their time and effort to reach peak results. Why should your workout routine be any different? If you’re going to commit to 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity, you might as well get the most out of your cardio workouts. And that’s where revolutionary inventions like MaxiClimber come into play because a full-body workout gives you the best of all worlds. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your cardio workout:

Get a Workout Buddy

Did you know the buddy system actually works? The presence of another person can have a significant impact on your performance during a workout routine. One study tested fourteen cyclists on whether they were faster with or without the presence of other cyclists. Their conclusion? “Head-to-head competition encourages participants to increase their performance,” the study said. Some people like the competition. Others simply enjoy the company. Whatever your social style is, bringing a pal along for your cardio workout could make all the difference. Besides, it’s always more fun when you can cheer someone else along, too. No opportunity for in-person cardio workout camaraderie? Never fear! MaxiClimber has got your back like the good fitness friend you’ve been searching for. Simply stream one of our pre-recorded or live sessions with a MaxiClimber fitness coach. They’ll be able to lead you in your ideal cardio workout and even help you switch it up if you feel like your workout routine is in a slump. When you join the MaxiClimber community, you’re definitely getting more than a machine. You’re getting an entire cardio workout system that will help you achieve your goals in a way you never dreamed you could.

Listen To Music

You may be used to listening to music during your workout routine, but have you ever considered playing soothing music for the after? Turns out, relaxing can unlock some serious health benefits after your cardio workout. One published study tested 30 men and women as they listened to slow music post cardio workout. The effect actually helped them recover faster than if they hadn’t been listening to relaxing music at all. Cooling down quickly and efficiently is essential for everyone as it helps prevent dizziness and muscle cramps. Need to transition from your cardio workout to the rest of your day quickly? Music might just be the key.

Add Interval Training

MaxiClimber may be hailed as one of the best cardio workouts out there, but you don’t need to do long sessions to get the benefits. Incorporating MaxiClimber into your HIIT workout routine can be just as effective. One study tested participants who performed 20-minute interval workout routines with a variety of exercises such as burpees, pushups, and squats. They burned nearly twice as many calories as those who went on long runs. Why throw your MaxiClimber into an interval training session? If you have time for the squats traditionally included in those workout routines, you may want to consider swapping them out for a minute or so on the MaxiClimber, which researchers found to be 14 percent more effective at toning the inner thigh!

Make it a Full Body Workout

It used to be the common belief that if you wanted the entire package when it comes to your health, you needed to split your workouts and target specific areas. Many today still separate arm toning from leg strength training, keeping them scheduled on different days of the week. But isolated muscle group workout routines, in addition to meeting your weekly quota of cardio workouts, are incredibly time-consuming. And even if you did have all the time in the world to exercise, is that really the best way to go about it? Not only has MaxiClimber been scientifically proven to be effective in burning calories during cardio workouts, but it was also found to have an accelerated afterburn effect that’s shocking. Studies revealed that people who exercise on MaxiClimber burn 45 percent more calories after the exercise session is completed. When it comes to maximizing your fitness time, nothing gets better than passive calorie burn rates like that. What’s the secret to MaxiClimber’s effectiveness? It could be in the arm movements paired with the climbing motion. According to an article on, when you add arms to most cardio workouts, you’re bound to see results that maximize your workout routine.

Focus on the Health Benefits

Sometimes the right focus and mindset is the extra tool you need. It’s no secret that obesity is an issue growing at an alarming rate. And the increasingly sedentary lifestyle may lead to a serious problem even if you aren't obese. According to the World Health Organization, when people don’t participate in sufficient physical activity, their risk of death increases by 20-30 percent. In a 2012 study researching exercise for overweight and obese people, researchers discovered that the full-body workout combinations drastically impacted body fat and weight loss overall. When participants only did a cardio workout, the results weren’t nearly as impactful. “From our observations, combination exercise gave greater benefits for weight loss, fat loss, and cardio-respiratory fitness than aerobic and resistance training modalities,” the report said. “Therefore, combination exercise training should be recommended for overweight and obese adults in National Physical Activity Guidelines.” So what should you keep in mind to keep you motivated? Think of all the benefits to your health that could literally save your life. Regular and highly effective cardio workouts have even more health benefits than weight loss:
It’s not hard to view your workout routine as a matter of life or death and as a means to dramatically improve your quality of life. Focus on your goals and the benefits you’re getting due to your hard work, and you’ll find your motivation stronger than ever before.

Maximizing Your Cardio Workout Yields Results

The science makes it clear: finding an effective way to bolster your cardio workout to replace your tired and time-consuming workout routine is the way to go in order to achieve your overall health goals. Between its effective muscle targeting design and overall ramped-up cardio calorie burn, MaxiClimber reigns supreme. And with two models to choose from, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this piece of at-home workout equipment-- especially because its sleek design allows for it to be stored effortlessly in your closet or under your bed. Now there’s no excuse if you find yourself unfortunately among the “80 percent of adults who do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.” Just 10 minutes a day on MaxiClimber delivers the kind of full body workout that yields results and improves your overall well-being. Click here to learn more about its unique and revolutionary design that even science can’t stop talking about.