HIIT Exercises with Maxiclimber Exercise Machines
HIIT Exercises - Stay Active HIIT Exercises - Stay Active
Those of us who have dedicated our lives to staying active, losing weight and sacrificing for our diets have seen it all. HIIT Exercises and Cardio With Maxiclimber works for your body. With personal discretion gaining popularity, the fitness industry saw an opportunity to lean more toward customizable training. Gradually, more people accepted that individual health doesn’t have one approach, look or diet. This provided the perfect environment for high-intensity interval training, despite fitness level, training or equipment availability. And although HIIT exercises may not provide the same effects or results that weightlifting or vertical climbers do, it does boost your metabolic rate and can mean getting lean. So, without further adieu, let’s jump into a comprehensive tour of HIIT cardio and how home workout machines like Maxiclimber fit into the equation.

Your Introduction to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio

HIIT Cardio HIIT Cardio
In recent years, interval training has become a popular and versatile favorite among the fitness community. Versatility has driven the consumer demand, providing opportunities for personal trainers and fitness class instructors to utilize the fundamentals in nearly every activity. Spin classes, Crossfit, water aerobics and Zumba classes are just a few trending group exercises that utilize HIIT. The idea is to increase oxygen intake, thereby burning more calories. Through short bursts of intense activity, anyone at any fitness level can benefit from this method of physical activity. With that in mind, it has quickly become a favorite for fitness classes and training, as anyone and everyone can follow along. HIIT exercises have also made appearances in individual sports and training, such as weightlifting, acrobatics, street workouts and even treadmill intervals. Though most trainers rely heavily on bodyweight for effective group routines, utilizing weights and/or resistance dramatically increases the physical effects and results.

Utilizing HIIT Exercises and Cardio at Home With Maxiclimber

Utilizing HIIT Exercises and Cardio Utilizing HIIT Exercises and Cardio
Implementing HIIT exercises at home, however, may not be so easy for some. Some prefer classes, some prefer individual cardio and others prefer weightlifting. But for those who move often, work long hours or are stay-at-home parents, utilizing home workout machines with HIIT exercises provides intense workouts that save time and money. No more gym fees. No more commuting. No more waiting for machines or waiting for results. However, some of our favorite and most effective workout machines can cost thousands of dollars. Making that investment takes extreme discipline amongst the weight of all our other expenses. Exercise videos and home workout machines appeal to fitness levels differently, but often don’t offer a happy medium that can satisfy even the extremes. Unless you consider the Maxiclimber home workout machine. Maxiclimber models are perfect for nearly everyone at nearly every fitness level. And how much is the Maxiclimber? About half or less than home workout machines, and about the same price as any complete home training programs. Unlike single-purpose workout machines, the Maxiclimber can be used to warm up, workout and operated as an essential part of your HIIT cardio routines. Because the Maxiclimber exercise machine provides a total body workout, builders can utilize it as a warm-up for other, more intense muscle targeting routines while stretching and working the legs, shoulders, and core. Don’t believe us? Then check out these results from studies performed at the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Research and Active Aging in Miami, Florida:
  • On muscle activity (compared to treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary cycles): “The Maxiclimber produced the highest muscle activity for your shoulders, back and triceps when compared to three of the most popular cardiovascular machines”
  • On burning calories: “You can burn an additional 45% more calories following a moderate exercise bout on the Maxi-Climber. This means even after the exercise is completed you continue to burn more calories above your normal metabolism and progressive workouts provide even greater results.”
Standing alone, the Maxiclimber exercise machine packs a punch when it comes to getting a workout. Using it in a combination of intervals and weights increases muscle targeting, caloric activity, flexibility and toning for the ultimate workout. Get started with some of these HIIT combinations and routines:
HIIT Routines HIIT Routines
  • Maxiclimber for 30 seconds followed by 10 pushups or 10 handstand pushups for 10 minutes
  • Maxiclimber for 15 seconds followed by 5 burpees for 15 minutes
  • Maxiclimber for 60 seconds followed by 60 seconds of jump roping for 20 minutes
  • Maxiclimber for 15 seconds followed by 10 overhead presses (with weights) and 15 squats
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