Protect Your Joints with Exercise Climbers
Your joints are one of the most overlooked and yet most important parts of your body. They enable movement in every form, and when joints suffer, the whole body suffers, too. The impact exercising on your home workout machine has on your joints should be a major consideration as you look to purchase equipment. A commercial vertical climber, like the MaxiClimber, preserves your joints by design without sacrificing effective fat burning and muscle building. As you plan your vertical climber workout — or any workout during your day — keep this information on joints in mind.

Causes and Effects of Joint Injuries

As we use our joints throughout our lives, they slowly wear down and wear out. It’s a natural part of aging but one that we can slow down and from which we can work diligently to minimize the negative effects. Taking care of your joints will reduce body aches and pain and reduce the need for surgeries and joint replacements in the future. Injuring your joints can be easier than you think. Here are a few common ways joint injuries happen:
  • Overexertion like running too fast or pushing yourself too hard during a workout
  • Using weights that are too heavy too fast instead of building up the intensity over time
  • Forgoing a warm-up or cool down as part of your workout
  • Forgetting to stretch after you exercise

Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise

One of the best ways to protect your joints is to choose low-impact exercises. Low-impact simply means that during your workout, little force is put onto your joints. An easy way to gauge whether or not a workout is low-impact is that low-impact exercises typically involve one or both feet remaining in contact with the ground or equipment the majority of the time, supporting the entire body. A climbing machine workout is naturally low-impact. As you stand on the machine’s foot pedals and do your cardio, you minimize the impact on your joints while maximizing fat burn and the growth of lean muscle. Low-impact exercises mean your body will feel better after working out. And seeking these types of routines will push you toward movements that increase flexibility and encourage good posture, which serves your body and your joints well in the long run.

Joint-Saving Workouts on Your MaxiClimber

Using a MaxiClimber vertical climber is a perfect way to protect your joints and get a killer workout. Remember to wear supportive athletic shoes and incorporate a warm-up and cool down into your workout. When you finish, don’t forget to stretch. Unlike other home workout machines, a MaxiClimber exercise climber is completely self-paced. You won’t have to worry about keeping up. Instead, focus on gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts. As you do, your muscles will grow stronger and your joints will stay solid for years to come.
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