I Don't Have Time to Use My MaxiClimber. What Do I Do?

Climbing Machine Benefits

In reality, 24 hours is never really enough time to get everything done in life. For many of us, exercising using our vertical climbers is one of the first things to go when we get too busy. The process of driving to the gym, parking, doing a workout, showering, and then going on with your day can be very time-consuming, therefore it's easy to not do it when things get busy. MaxiClimber’s full body workout takes that commute out of your life. From the comfort of your own home, you get all the climbing machine benefits like building strength and burning calories.

MaxiClimber Saves Time

Climbing Machine Benefits, more calories burned

Aside from the convenience of a home workout, MaxiClimber has been proven to burn more calories than traditional exercise equipment like an exercise bike or treadmill. In fact, vertical climbers like MaxiClimber burned over 500 calories in an hour, as opposed to the treadmill only burning 250 calories and the bike burning 331. Rather than working out for longer, get all the benefits of an exercise climber by burning calories faster.



Multitasking Can Be Great

Many of us come home after a long day and zone out to Netflix or Hulu. Rather than doing that at night, use your workout time to catch up on your favorite shows or binge a new one! People are much more likely to stick to a workout routine if it’s fun, and what’s more fun than movies and TV? Or if that’s not your thing, try calling an old friend or family member while you workout. You’ll still get MaxiClimber’s total body workout but you’ll also get other things done at the same time.

Exercise Based on Goals, Not Time

Climbing Machine Benefits

While exercising for a certain amount of time can be convenient, MaxiClimber makes it easy to track goals and progress so you’re competing against the old you rather than the clock. In fact, MaxiClimber’s 21-day fitness app provides goal setting, progress tracking, and the ability to attend coach-led classes. Your vertical climber workout will be about progress, not time.

Exercise Multiple Areas at OnceClimbing Machine Benefits, work all areas

Aside from saving time and burning more calories, there are many other climbing machine benefits. MaxiClimber activates parts of your legs better and more effectively than squats and lunges. MaxiClimber also activates your lower body just like a weighted workout. Also, your vertical climber activates your upper body, which is something the treadmill and exercise bike don't do. Rather than do separate workouts for the upper and lower body, MaxiClimber strengthens and activates multiple areas and muscle groups at once. Just like you can multitask while exercising, MaxiClimber can help your body get more out of a workout than other exercise equipment. Ready to get more of a workout in less time? Check out MaxiClimber and see the many amazing climbing machine benefits today.
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