Torch and Tone with MaxiClimber’s Leg Circuit
The MaxiClimber is a HIIT training machine that offers climber machine benefits like toning alongside killer, fat-burning cardio. Climber machines encourage the body to use the same muscles used in rock climbing and imitate the body’s natural climbing movements — which means you get an intense workout without putting stress on your lower joints. With our commercial vertical climber, you’ll be prepared to get a MaxiClimber total body workout — torching fat and toning your legs. While the MaxiClimber is all you need, you can put added focus on your legs by using one of our favorite leg circuits. All you’ll need is your MaxiClimber, your legs, and a focused attitude.


To warm-up, you’ll start with light cardio for five minutes. This is the perfect time to hop on your MaxiClimber at a light to moderate pace. Or, you can lightly jog in place or do jumping jacks. Once your five minutes of warm-up is complete, perform each of the following exercises, resting one to two minutes between each set. 15 Jump Squats The first exercise is the jump squat. This movement builds off of a basic squat. Instead of standing up after squatting, jump as high as you can directly upward. Try to lift your knees to your chest at the top of the jump. While the focus is on using your leg muscles, feel free to use your arms to help get more momentum into your jump. Keep your joints relaxed to avoid locking your knees. When you first begin, you may need to take a brief pause between each jump squat. Over time, the goal is to move fluidly from one jump to the next.

15 Broad Jumps

The broad jump builds off of the movements you perfected during your jump squats, but instead of jumping upward, you jump forward. As you come out of the squat, lift your legs high and propel yourself forward. Like the jump squat, the goal is to move without pausing from one squat and jump to the next, but it will take some practice.

15 Jump Lunges

Lunges are a great leg exercise for building and toning muscle. If a jump lunge is too difficult at first, use a basic lunge, and work up to the full jump lunge. For a basic lunge, start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Then, choose a leg to start with and take a big step forward. If you start with your left leg, step forward until your left thigh is parallel with the floor, keeping your left shin vertical over your foot. Don’t go past your toe. Then press your left heel into the ground to push your body back up to the starting position. To complete a jump lunge, lower yourself into a basic lunge position. Then, instead of pushing yourself back to standing, jump into the air and land ready to enter the lunge position using the opposite leg. In other words, lunge with your right leg, jump, and land with your left leg forward, and then lunge with your left leg.

Cardio for Two Minutes

The final step of the circuit puts you onto your MaxiClimber for two minutes of high cardio. Climb as fast as you can, the equivalent of a sprint, for two minutes.

Repeat the Circuit

Repeat the full circuit once more through from jump squat to cardio. Then, finish off your workout with five minutes of cool-down. This can be the same as your warm-up, climbing at a light to moderate pace on your MaxiClimber as you bring your heart rate down.
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