What Is MaxiClimber?
MaxiClimber is an incredible vertical exercise machine that combines weight resistance, aerobic exercise, cardio and calorie burning, and muscle toning. The result? A vertical climber workout unlike any other. MaxiClimber helps burn fat, build lean muscle tissue, and helps you get healthy, all through a fun and innovative vertical climber workout that’s good for your entire body.

How Do I Train Using My MaxiClimber?

Unlike other exercise climbers, MaxiClimber can be as high or low interval as you want your workout to be. From beginners to advanced fitness experts, everyone can get a great workout out of MaxiClimber. MaxiClimber has a YouTube Channel with over 60 coach-led workouts and other videos to help you best utilize your vertical climber. Our channel showcases effective workouts so you can maximize your time on your MaxiClimber.

How Does MaxiClimber Help Me Achieve My Fitness Goals?

In order to build lean muscle, you need the appropriate resistance. MaxiClimber XL’s resistance-focused design caters to your needs, which allows you to take total control of your workout. Building lean muscle helps to burn fat. MaxiClimber’s vertical climber workout is designed for maximum movement, helping you burn fat and build lean muscle simultaneously. Its targeted design is based on the principles of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to maximize fat burning. MaxiClimber also offers low impact on your joints, making it perfect for beginners or those with prior injuries. Get ready to climb your way to success!

MaxiClimber’s Fitness App

MaxiClimber also has a revolutionary fitness app that acts as your personal on-demand fitness coach. In the app, you can see coach-led video workouts so you can get the most out of your vertical climber workout. MaxiClimber’s app can take your fitness to another level with the MaxiClimber 21-Day challenge, and it allows you to track your progress so you can celebrate your wins. The app also lets you select HIIT workouts for your vertical exercise machine, and contains over 80 recipes for meal planning. You can also join classes live or on-demand, making it easy to get fit on your schedule. MaxiClimber’s app will help you develop strength, burn calories, and build endurance on your health and fitness journey.

Other MaxiClimber Highlights

MaxiClimber is easy to clean and maintain with just a few simple household supplies. MaxiClimber also has an adjustable height and folds for easy and quick storage. MaxiClimber uses your body weight as resistance, while MaxiClimber XL has two pistons with 12 resistance levels. MaxiClimber is the best exercise climber to help you reach any fitness goal, and it comes 90% assembled. Even better, MaxiClimber has a 30-day trial. Don’t like the vertical climber? Return it for a full refund. MaxiClimber is safe for all ages and fitness types and is easy and quick to assemble and install. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, try MaxiClimber today. With our money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose — except unwanted body fat.