5 Tips to Creating A Workout Routine That Lasts

5 Ways to Create and Maintain Your Workout Routine

Ever make it through to the end of a hectic day and think, “Nah...I’ll hit that workout tomorrow”? It’s easy to let things like our full-body workout slide when we don’t have a supported and well-planned workout routine. Even with a secret weapon like the highly effective, results-achieving MaxiClimber in your corner, you need to arm your workout routine with the things that’ll help you stay committed. But as we all know, an effective schedule does not write itself. If sticking to a plan seems daunting, we are here to help! Here are some tried and true tips that’ll help you create and maintain your workout routine (and overall positive attitude).

Find a Workout You Enjoy

Alot of times, creating a maintainable workout routine that is both effective and personally rewarding is about finding your perfect fit (and no, we’re not talking about your latest in athleisure fashion). Not all exercises are created equal, and what’s good for someone else may not be the workout routine for you. Finding a full-body workout that is both fun, exciting and gets the results you desire is the key to being happy with your training. But don’t just take our word for it. Even the experts like Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D., thinks you need to find a physical activity that speaks to your interests for your full-body workout to be successful. “Begin by really thinking about the things you enjoy — nature, group settings, playing sports, quiet time, or being challenged. Then look for activities that meet one or more of your criteria,” she said in an article on So what if your friend is an ultra runner who enjoys long-distance running. If that’s not your thing, don’t torture yourself by trying to fit where you’re miserable. Something else will speak to you. Prefer shorter workouts? Stick to high-energy Tabata intervals. This is why MaxiClimber is such a great addition to your workout routine because it can be a long-form full-body workout or simply an integrated part of your HIIT routine. The best of both worlds!

Adjust Your Workout Schedule to Incorporate Shorter Bursts

Maybe you long for that hour-long sweat sesh and just can’t seem to make it happen for your workout routine. Don’t worry! Science says even short bursts of exercise are effective. In fact, one study published in 2001 found that it doesn’t make much of a difference if you workout all at once or not. The study tested participants in four groups over 12 weeks. Group One didn’t exercise, Group Two performed 30-minute workouts in one setting, Group Three exercised for 15 minutes twice a day, and Group Four worked out for 10 minutes three times a day. The shocking conclusion? The exercising groups all had very similar results across the board. So don’t try to force a specific amount of time into your workout routine if it doesn’t fit. Maybe just squeeze in a quick 10 minutes on your MaxiClimber in the morning, go for a walk during your lunch break, and enjoy a HIIT session when you get home. Or if chunking it in one long fitness session is what works-- that’s fine too! Even science says you can’t go wrong with planning an exercise regime. The goal is to simply do what works for you. That’s the key to maintaining a workout routine that’ll stick.

Try to Make It Part Of Your Morning

Sure, not everyone is a morning person, but if you struggle with finding time to incorporate your workout routine, try starting at the beginning of your day. According to a recent study, morning workouts actually have some health benefits that can make your workout routine more effective. The study discovered that morning workouts resulted in lower nighttime blood pressure and overall better quality of sleep. When you sleep better, you have more energy in the morning which means your morning workout routine would literally help you stick with it long term. So set the tone for your day by starting it with a full-body workout that’ll keep you energized until bedtime, where you’ll have improved sleep to get you ready to tackle your fitness goals again in the morning.

Play Music To Maintain Your Momentum

Music is enjoyable to listen to during a workout, but did you know it may have more power than you think? Turns out, science has found music to have incredible effects on workouts in different and unique ways. In a 2017 study, researchers discovered that playing music during your workout routine can actually increase the overall duration of your workout without you even noticing. It literally helped participants not realize how long they’d been working out. If music wasn’t being played during an exercise, they stopped significantly earlier. “Music may exert an ergogenic and distracting effect during exercise under conditions of self-paced moderate exercise and self-selected music. Motivation by music can lead to an increase in exercise duration…” the study’s researchers wrote in their conclusion. Not only does science prove music’s beneficialness when it comes to exercise duration, but another study found that it helped runners match their “cadence to the tempo” of the music they were listening to. Runners were tested as they ran laps without music and then played various degrees of faster or slower tempo songs. Depending on the rhythm of the music, the runners’ bodies adjusted their cadence accordingly, without even realizing it. So next time you tackle your full-body workout, don’t forget to make a fast-paced playlist to add to your workout routine. It could make all the difference.

Remember the Benefits

When trying to stay committed to a workout routine, it’s important to remember your goals. What are you working toward? Maybe it’s achieving a better level of health. Perhaps you’re training for an athletic competition or toning to look your best for a special occasion. Whatever the goal may be, keep that your focus. But also, remember that working out has numerous benefits that even supersede your personal goals. According to a 2015 study, effective workout routines improve cardiovascular health and help reduce the risk of numerous diseases such as some cancers and type 1 diabetes. It can also have positive effects on your overall mood. In fact, research shows that physical activity such as full-body workouts is primarily associated with a reduced risk of depression. So the key to long-term health doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Sticking to a regular workout routine is what can make all the difference to enjoying the benefits of a happy, healthy life.

Find What Works For You

Your full-body workout needs to be tailored to your needs and your schedule at the end of the day. When you listen to your body and test out different tips, you’re bound to find your own mix of what works to create the workout routine you’ve dreamed of. Just remember that MaxiClimber is here to help. It can be incorporated in any kind of workout routine-- both beginner level or advanced. Plus, if you’re ever feeling stuck, simply stream one of our pre-recorded or live fitness coaches to help you find a workout groove with your MaxiClimber. Click here to learn more about how MaxiClimber can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.