Why 20 Minute Workouts Work

Yes, 20-Minute Workouts with MaxiClimber Work

We all know that you can’t cut any corners to get the results you want when it comes to fitness and health. But thanks to science, we now know that by switching up your types of workouts, you can at least minimize the time you’re spending actually breaking a sweat. Can you get an actual full-body exercise during a 20-minute workout session? Absolutely! It turns out, if it’s an intense workout, you can get all of the benefits — if not more — than an hour-long workout. Here’s why 20-minute workouts (or shorter!) can actually help you in the long run (and why your MaxiClimber is a perfect addition to your workout routine).

It Pushes You to Be More Intense

You may already be skeptical of the idea. A 20-minute workout being just as effective as an hour-long run? Ha! And you’re right. Workouts aren’t created equal. But according to studies, depending on the degree of intensity you have in a fitness session, a shorter, more intense workout will either equal or exceed the benefits of slow-to-moderate paced exercise. But here’s the best part: As long as you keep pushing yourself to increase your heart rate and intensity, you can even exercise for significantly less than a 20-minute workout. Studies show that even bursts of energy as short as four minutes can garner the cardiovascular benefits achieved by HIIT workouts. That’s right. It doesn’t even have to be a 20-minute workout of pure endurance-testing intensity. You could exert high-intensity focus for one minute of exercise and break it up with some rest in between over the course of 10 minutes and still see significant aerobic benefits.

It Increases Burn Power

If losing weight is your goal, a shorter workout may just be your ticket to success. Having more intense workouts for shorter periods of time, like HIIT workouts, can significantly increase your overall calorie-burning power. One study from 2011 said that HIIT workouts actually burn more fat than traditional cardio workouts. Not only that, but HIIT workouts carry a much longer after-burn effect than workouts done for more extended periods. Another recent study supported this finding in 2018. The study compared HIIT workouts against cardio workouts held at a more moderate intensity. The HIIT workouts resulted in a nearly 30 percent greater reduction in total fat mass lost. It wouldn’t be challenging to coordinate a 20-minute workout in the way of HIIT. And when you know, you’ll get more results faster, what’s there to lose? MaxiClimber is one of the most effective full-body workout pieces of gym equipment. Its intensity level is superb and has led researchers to find that it burns more calories than traditional home gym machines and has a significantly greater after-burn effect.

It Shortens Recovery Times

The truth is, no one can keep an intense workout going for an extended period. And what else happens after those longer than 20-minute workouts? You’re often drained, exhausted, starving — it takes a long time to recover. Science shows that if you do short bursts of intense workouts, your recovery time is quicker. It may seem unimportant beyond moving on with your day efficiently. But did you know that shortening your recovery time between bursts of intensity actually improves your cardiovascular function, builds strength and increases the overall health benefits you gain? One of the reasons is because you can simply do more. It’s hard to go from 0 to 60 but going from 20 or 40 to 60 is significantly easier. Once you find your HIIT workout flow, the benefits will keep on coming. MaxiClimber is an excellent addition to any HIIT workout routine. In fact, in studies where the MaxiClimber was used for reps compared to squats or lunges, it was more efficient and effective in muscle building.

It Takes Away Excuses

The best part about cutting down your fitness time to a 20-minute workout session or quicker is that you’re now eliminating your excuses. Lack of motivation can really hinder someone’s health and fitness progress. But everyone can carve out 10-20 minutes for something that will significantly improve their quality and longevity of life. After all, if you have time to decompress with a TV show at the end of the night, why not include a workout during that length of time too? MaxiClimber’s sleek design makes it easy to store and set up. So if you want to catch a quick sitcom, hop on and get climbing. Keep it chill during the actual show and go full force with intensity during the commercials — like a more entertaining version of a HIIT workout. Whatever fits in your schedule, find what works for you. But when science is telling you short fitness times work, make sure you fit them in.

It Regulates Your Appetite

Another benefit to shorter workout routines is that you’ll most likely experience less hunger and a smaller appetite — two things that are particularly beneficial if you’re on a weight loss journey. One reason for this is psychological. Often when we allocate such a long time to a workout, we convince ourselves that we deserve a reward in the form of sugary coffee drinks and quick takeout. But when you do less than a 20-minute workout, even if it is an intense workout, chances are your energy expenditure doesn’t so wholly deplete you, so you won’t binge or even feel the need to reward yourself. Doing shorter, more manageable workouts will help you feel better overall and keep you from feeling like you’re starving after a super long cardio workout. Science also shows that HIIT workouts significantly affect boosting metabolisms, especially for people struggling with obesity. Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that overweight participants who engaged in HIIT workouts for 12 weeks experienced reduced appetites. Studies were also done on patients with type II diabetes and had similar results! Spending less time at the gym and cutting down on the munchies? The benefits keep on coming!

It Boosts Your Mood

Not only do shorter workouts improve your health, but they can also improve your mood! This is particularly true for beginners who aren’t used to working out regularly and are familiar with a sedentary lifestyle. Researchers found that sedentary adults doing a 20-minute workout of even low-to-moderate intensity cardio at least three days a week for six weeks reported feeling more energized and significantly less fatigued. But you’ll also get more than energy. Researchers at the University of Vermont found that cardio workouts that raised the average heart rate to around 112 beats a minute improved the participants’ overall mood for up to 12 hours post-exercise. Imagine hopping out of bed and starting your day on your MaxiClimber in a quick morning workout routine. That added boost in mood could probably go a long way at work or at home with the kids. Invest in Better Health in Less Time Clearly, shorter workouts are better-- especially if you have the right equipment and workout routine. Invest in the MaxiClimber to improve your health, reach your goals faster, and improve your mood — all in a short 20-minute workout (or quicker)! Click here to find out more about how the MaxiClimber can change your life.