Benefits to a Cardio Workout At Home

The 5 Benefits of a Cardio Workout At Home

When people think of living a healthy lifestyle, inevitably, they picture going to the gym regularly. But in modern-day society, sometimes that kind of schedule just doesn’t fit between work and family responsibilities. Fortunately, having an effective cardio workout at home is easily attainable in your own home mini gym. (AKA: with your MaxiClimber!) Not only is it possible to achieve, but it can also often be better than going to the gym at all. Here are some benefits to moving your workout routine to your budget home gym.

You Have More Time

The most obvious benefit to relocating your workout routine to your own home is the amount of time you’ll save. You’ll no longer have to commute to the gym, wait at red lights or for parking. You can simply roll out of bed and enter your home mini gym. You can start your 5-minute stretch by greeting the sun before transitioning to a quick 20-minute workout if you want to — and all without having to sacrifice sleep. Gone are the days of needing to wake up early to beat the morning gym crowd. Also, say goodbye to waiting in long lines for the kind of equipment you want to use. Nothing is worse than wanting a fast, intense workout on the elliptical only to have your 20 minute workout time now increased to 30 minutes, simply because you don’t want to lose your place in line. Plus, you can organize your fitness space the way you want for your ideal cardio workout at home. Simply invest in at least one piece of equipment you enjoy and maybe a streaming service. We also recommend the MaxiClimber YouTube Channel for free workouts you’ll enjoy.

You Have More Privacy

The benefit of doing your cardio workout at home is also the increase in personal privacy. While everyone loves a good workout, no one enjoys sharing personal fitness space and running into social distractions that can hinder your goals. By moving your workout routine to your home mini gym, you’re eliminating the kind of obstacle that can impact your overall fitness motivation. Less reasons to have excuses equals more exercise time — all thanks to a bit of privacy. Breathe easy by creating your stress-free fitness zone and enjoy using your own shower afterward in solitude. Socializing is an integral part of life but completely unnecessary when trying to have a focused, intense workout.

You Have More Freedom

When you’re in your home mini gym, you make the rules:
  • Wear the clothes you want without the pressure of feeling uncomfortable.
  • Listen to your own music, podcast or TV show without compromising your musical preferences.
  • Set your workout routine schedule the way you want without having to worry about class times or gym overcrowding.
  • Have your favorite workout snack or drink near you without having to overpay for vending machine or juice bar prices and avoiding “no food allowed” public zones.
Plus, after a global pandemic, we could all use a little more freedom from the worry about germs. Multiple studies over the last decade have found that communal gyms are teeming with germs and bacteria of all kinds. And while simply wiping down the machine has always been good etiquette, it suddenly doesn’t seem like enough. Be free to enjoy your full-body workout by being germ-free inside your own home mini gym. The only thing you should be worried about during your cardio workout at home is whether or not you’re enjoying yourself and getting the results you want-- not thinking about breaking gym rules or catching something.

You Have More Flexibility

Cutting down on wasted time by moving your gym session to a cardio workout at home also adds more flexibility to your schedule. Instead of having to cram your entire workout routine into one large time slot at a facility, you can now have multiple small workouts throughout the day within your home mini gym. Often we think that cardio workouts need to be at least 30 minutes long. But studies show that doing some sort of physical activity for even 11 minutes a day can improve health enough to increase your lifespan. Did hour-long workout times at the rec center drain you at the end of the day? Consider breaking up your workout routine into smaller, more manageable time slots. A 10-minute workout doesn’t even have to be entirely cardio. If you prioritize filling your budget home gym with exercise equipment that works on multiple areas simultaneously, you won’t need all the equipment found at a larger facility. MaxiClimber is one of the most efficient pieces of home gym equipment available. It is easy to store with its sleek, foldable design and is both effective for a cardio workout at home while also working on toning your legs as if you’re doing a squat or lunge.

You Have More Money in Your Pocket

When you cut down on your monthly gym membership, you’re saving significantly more money every day. No more gym fees, gas money or investing in fancy workout clothes . It may cost more than a gym membership to set up your home mini gym in the beginning, but you’ll save money in the long run-- especially if you are choosy about which equipment you are purchasing. There’s no reason to have everything a gym has to get an effective cardio workout at home, especially when equipment like the MaxiClimber has been tested to be more efficient than the traditional machines like a treadmill elliptical and stationary bike. It accomplishes what those machines do while also simultaneously burning calories and toning muscles. When you invest in the equipment that’ll pack more punch to your cardio workout at home, you’re maximizing your time, money and overall effort. It is possible to get a full-body workout by also incorporating exercises that don’t require any equipment at all. The Mayo Clinic even points out that people can get an effective strength training workout by doing specific movements using only their own body weight rather than relying on expensive, specialized weightlifting equipment.

MaxiClimber: The Benefits Speak for Themselves

When you look at all the perks of having an effective home gym, it’s pretty hard to ignore the benefits. Getting a fantastic cardio workout at home is possible to attain, and it could very well change your entire life. More time and money equals less stress overall. And if we’re genuinely looking at the big picture of health, less stress is valued when building your workout routine to create a happy and sustainable lifestyle. MaxiClimber is here to help. Not only is it one of the most effective pieces of full-body workout equipment out there, but it also fits perfectly inside any home mini gym. Plus, when you join the MaxiClimber community, you also get a world of support without ever stepping foot in a crowded gym or personal trainer’s office. Live stream workouts and interact with our own health coaches to get the results you want with your MaxiClimber. Forget social anxiety, gym germs, and long commute times. You deserve more when it comes to your workout routine. Invest in yourself with a custom schedule that fits your life stress-free and a home mini gym you truly enjoy. Click here to learn how MaxiClimber can simplify your life and still get you the results you crave.