Benefits of HIIT Workouts 

6 Surprising Benefits of HIIT Workouts

Designing your perfect cardio workout at home can be challenging with all the different latest and greatest trends today. But one particular fitness method has consistently risen to the top for the exercise community: HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and focuses on performing short bursts of intense workout movements followed by a short rest in between. People love how easy it is to create a circuit that fits your fitness goals and preferences. But the real benefit that makes HIIT workouts the top choice for many athletes is how science even says it’s one of the most effective methods for cardio workouts at home. And the best part? Your MaxiClimber fits in perfectly with any circuit you design. HIIT workouts impact all aspects of your health. Here are just a couple of the top benefits you’ll get when you add this kind of training to your cardio workouts at home.

1. HIIT Workouts Takes Less Time

When it comes to working your fitness time into your hectic schedule, exercises that take less time but yield the most results are definitely the way to go. HIIT workouts reign supreme in this area. Not only is it evident by how much sweat you’ll break during your intense workout reps, but science says this method of fitness can give you the same benefits as other workouts in half the time. In one study, researchers compared participants running sprints to those performing long-distance cycling, and the interval sprinters showed more improvements to their metabolism. Your MaxiClimber is an excellent piece of fitness equipment to incorporate into your cardio workout at home if you want to focus on HIIT workouts. Simply perform a certain number of climbing reps or set the alarm to push your endurance for two to three minutes. But don’t just take our word for it. Studies found the MaxiClimber to have faster results than traditional workout equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike, making this full-body workout a supercharged results-getting asset.

2. HIIT Workouts Burn Fat Faster

HIIT workouts don’t just take less time to achieve overall health benefits. If losing weight is your goal, these intense workouts will actually burn more fat faster. But it’s not just one study finding these incredible results. The British Journal of Sports Medicine did an entire review analyzing 77 different scientific studies, and across the board, people who engaged in HIIT workouts lost nearly 30 percent more body fat than other methods of cardio. Basically, because your heart rate continues to stay high throughout the workout, you’ll ultimately burn more calories during your sweat session. The intervals of rest allow for more bursts of intense workout energy, whereas slow and steady cardio for 30 minutes to an hour keeps your heart at a more moderate pace. As if burning fat faster wasn’t good enough during your HIIT workout, studies find the after-burn effect is even more intense with interval training than with long-form cardio. When MaxiClimber was researched, it was also found to have a more significant afterburn effect than other traditional home workout equipment pieces. In fact, it burned three times more calories than a home treadmill doing the same amount of time on the machine. HIIT workouts just made your weight loss goals seem a lot more attainable.

3.HIIT Workouts Improve Heart Health

But as we all know, working out isn’t just about weight loss. It’s about building a happier, healthier lifestyle with benefits that far exceed just how we look on the outside. Thankfully, HIIT workouts are all about focusing on the insides too. People with diseases like type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease can significantly benefit from these kinds of cardio workouts at home. The secret is in how HIIT workouts increase blood flow and overall cardiovascular health. Patients recovering from heart failure have even benefited from HIIT workouts because of this incredible effect on improving blood flow, proving almost anyone can participate in this fitness method regardless of how in shape they are at the start. Better blood flow can really improve your overall quality of life, not just cure diseases. We always knew the MaxiClimber had a special place in our lifestyle. It’s nice to know it’s actually improving our overall heart health, too, primarily when used as part of a HIIT workout. What’s not to love about that? Make sure you always consult a doctor first before starting new workout regimens, especially if you have preexisting heart conditions.

4. HIIT Workouts Build More Muscle

Often when we think of our cardio workouts at home, we don’t necessarily think about building muscle. That’s to save for later with arm and leg day, right? Wrong! With HIIT workouts, you get the added benefit of cardio plus strength training. Numerous studies have been done on this phenomenon for men and women of all ages, and the gains are very real. One 2017 study focused on overweight teenage girls and discovered that a 12-minute HIIT workout affected their muscles more than a 40-minute aerobic workout. The fact that a 12-minute workout can have a more significant effect on anything nearly four times longer is shockingly impressive. Another study from the same year measured the “peak power output” for men. Their overall muscle power increased by 8 percent after six weeks of a HIIT workout program. Combining your cardio workout at home with strength training? Yes, please! MaxiClimber is the perfect addition to any home HIIT workout circuit as it engages both your arms and leg muscles simultaneously and is reported to be more effective in toning than a squat or lunge.

5. HIIT Workouts Improve Your Mental Health

There are so many physical benefits to choosing a HIIT workout to fit into your exercise routine. But your cardio workouts at home can do a lot more than just change your body composition and physical health. Your mental health will reap the benefits too. While not entirely conclusive, one medical review compared the findings of 12 different medical studies focusing on HIIT workouts and how they impacted mental health. The review found that there are significant benefits in how this method can improve mental health overall. One of the common struggles for people who have a mental illness like depression is dealing with low motivation as a symptom. But by packaging effective exercise routines into shorter periods as with HIIT workouts, overcoming this challenge suddenly becomes more manageable because there’s less steps and planning involved in reaching your goals. Exercise has been found to increase endorphin production, a huge hero for those battling depression. Making training more attainable, like with HIIT workouts, increases the likelihood that people needing these benefits can put out the effort to receive them when they need it most.

6. HIIT Workouts Are Worth It

When planning your cardio workout at home, definitely consider fitting a HIIT workout circuit into your fitness schedule. The benefits speak for themselves, and saving time is always the biggest perk. More time to yourself equals a happier life overall, and that’s what MaxiClimber is all about. Discover how MaxiClimber can help you achieve your fitness goals by incorporating it in your HIIT workout and stream live or pre-recorded classes to show you how to get it done with our very own fitness coaches. Don’t just break a sweat when you’re working out. Improve your overall quality of life, both physically and mentally.