5 Ways MaxiClimber Makes the Most of Your 20 Minute Workout

How MaxiClimber Makes the Most of Your 20 Minute Workout

When it comes to making significant lifestyle changes, it’s easy to adopt an “all or nothing” mentality. But often, going too hard too fast leads to burnout, especially when trying to stick to an intense workout schedule or new trendy fitness method. However, you don’t have to train with a schedule like a pro athlete or feel miserable to get amazing, life-changing results. You don’t even have to commit to working out for an obscene amount of time each day to justify investing in yourself with fun exercise equipment to make your home workouts more enjoyable. A mere 20 minute workout on your MaxiClimber is both enjoyable and highly effective. When you hop on your vertical climber, you don’t need to engage in an hour-long cardio session to see changes fast. MaxiClimber is designed to make the most out of your exercise time by providing you with the most effective full body workout you’ve ever experienced. Here’s how MaxiClimber turns a short workout and transforms it into a fat-blasting, muscle-making miracle:

1. Combines Strength-Training and Cardio

MaxiClimber can take a 20 minute workout and utilize every second of it because it targets two types of fitness at once. Why have cardio one day and reserve leg and arm day for another? That’s the old-school way of achieving your fitness goals. With MaxiClimber, you can effectively tone and sculpt simultaneously while breaking a cardio-level sweat. A full body workout on MaxiClimber has been proven to be more effective than squats and lunges when targeting the inner thighs. Researchers measured the muscle response to a nerve’s stimulation of a muscle when studying the effectiveness of MaxiClimber on muscle toning. In this study, MaxiClimber was 1.6 percent more effective at toning than lunges and 14 percent more effective than squats. Why spend an afternoon or morning doing squat reps only to turn around and have to schedule quality cardio and ab workouts later? You can get your full body workout completed on MaxiClimber in one simple sweat session. Your 20 minute workout on this vertical climber can accomplish exercising your main target fitness areas all at once.

2. More Effective Than Traditional Workouts

When you think of a traditional gym workout, you probably imagine strategically making your way through the cardio machines, taking turns on the elliptical, treadmill and stationary bike. These are tried and true fan favorites in the exercise world. And sure, you can get a good cardio workout on them. But why settle for a good workout when you can maximize your time with MaxiClimber and achieve a greater-than-good workout? MaxiClimber consistently outperforms traditional workout equipment when it comes to calorie burn. In a study comparing 10-minute moderately paced workouts on MaxiClimber, a treadmill and a stationary bicycle, MaxiClimber outperformed the other machines significantly. The facts don’t lie. When you spend a 20 minute workout on your MaxiClimber, you’re significantly increasing your calorie burn and, ultimately, your ability to see the results you deserve.

3. Shortens Recovery Time

Not only does MaxiClimber give you the ability to accomplish more in a shorter workout time, but it’ll also decrease the amount of time you need to recover. Scientists studied cardiorespiratory, caloric and electromyographical comparisons among MaxiClimber, treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles. They found MaxiClimber users continued to burn more calories above their normal metabolism in the moments after their workout was complete. The after-burn effect on MaxiClimber burned 45 percent more calories than other cardio machines. Supercharging your afterburn during cool-down can have multiple health benefits. The best part? Shortening your recovery time between bursts of intensity improves your cardiovascular function, builds strength and increases the overall health benefits you gain. Less time spent working out/cooling down AND improving your overall cardiovascular function? Talk about a win-win.

4. Fits Into Any Kind of Workout Routine

One of the best parts of MaxiClimber is that it can adapt to any kind of workout you want. Feeling a steady 20 minute workout? Perfect! Want something a little more exciting and need to vary things by incorporating it in a HIIT 10 minute circuit? That works, too! Even bursts of energy as short as four minutes can garner the cardiovascular benefits achieved by HIIT workouts. So if you want to simply alternate between going hard on your MaxiClimber for a couple of minutes with a minute or two at a slower pace, you’re ultimately replicating similar bodily results to a full HIIT workout. But if you want to vary the movements and hop onto your MaxiClimber as a part of a more involved HIIT circuit — that is also an effective way to use your favorite workout machine! Add MaxiClimber into your circuit and alternate between your other favorite HIIT movements. HIIT workouts burn more fat than traditional cardio workouts. Just like MaxiClimber, HIIT workouts carry a much longer after-burn effect than workouts done for more extended periods of time. So whether you’re incorporating MaxiClimber into a HIIT circuit or spending your entire 20 minute workout on your favorite fun exercise equipment, you’ll always get the best full body workout of your life with results to show for it.

5. Delivers Key Health Benefits

Results like greater muscle tone and weight loss are fantastic. But they’re not the only results people want or need when living a healthy lifestyle. Your 20 minute workout on MaxiClimber can do a lot more than sculpt your outsides. Your insides are getting a healthy makeover, too. Using your MaxiClimber for routine regular and highly effective cardio workouts will help you achieve even more health benefits than weight loss:
  • The risk for coronary heart disease is reduced significantly for people who engage in higher physical activity levels like with MaxiClimber.
  • Your sleep can also improve significantly — 67 percent of “vigorous exercisers” report consistently having quality sleep each night.
  • Regular physical activity can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50 percent.
A 20 minute workout on your MaxiClimber can help you achieve all your fitness goals and more with improved health benefits achieved in a fraction of the time.

MaxiClimber Revolutionizes the At-Home Workout

Working out at home can feel dull and aimless — but you deserve more. Thanks to MaxiClimber’s proven track record for delivering results in half the time on a machine that is fun and highly effective, you’ll never wonder if you’re wasting your time again. A 20 minute workout on MaxiClimber is more effective than the same amount of time on traditional machines. If you’re looking to save time and achieve your goals, then you’ve found the perfect addition to your home workout routine. A full body workout with your MaxiClimber means less time sweating for more results and more time living your life the way you deserve. When you join our MaxiClimber community, you’ll gain access to support from our team of coaches and fitness professionals. Stream live or pre-recorded workouts to help you get the most out of your workout on MaxiClimber. Click here to learn more about how MaxiClimber can revolutionize your fitness routine and give you the healthy lifestyle you want