Tracking Your Workout with the MaxiClimber App
You walk into the dark theater and settle in with your buttered popcorn only to discover that yet another Hollywood actor has transformed his or her body to portray a superhero on the screen. You say to yourself, “I could look like that if I too had a personal trainer.” Forget the personal trainer. MaxiClimber’s free 21-day fitness app you can! This easy-to-use app for your climber machine workout has all the tools you need for a stronger, healthier body. From customizable workouts to delicious recipes, you’ll discover the MaxiClimber app is the flexible, progressive, and holistic solution you’ve been looking for.


Starting a new exercise routine can be uncomfortable. You know that feeling when you join an exercise class and everyone else seems way more advanced? You feel like all eyes are on you as you try to just keep up. Well, say goodbye to that awkwardness because now you can choose at home the perfect routine no matter your current level. Each routine is challenging but doable. With the best-selling climber workout equipment in the comfort of your own home, if you mess up, no one will know!


Traditional exercise classes make us go at the same pace as the instructor, but we all improve at different rates. The MaxiClimber app will help you progressively improve by giving you increasingly harder climber machine workouts. It combines high-endurance training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to make you stronger, leaner, and fitter. With the 21-day exercise and nutrition guide, you’ll be able to stay on track to reach your goal to climb your way to a healthier body.


While a vertical climber workout produces many cardiovascular and health benefits, you also need to look at your health holistically. Nutrition combined with exercise is the fastest way to get the lean body you want. The MaxiClimber app makes meal planning simple with 90 recipes that are delicious and easy to make. They also make tracking your calories a breeze by including the number of calories per serving with each recipe. Whether snacking on a pumpkin-cranberry trail mix, or dining on salmon with broccoli and wild rice, you’ll find nothing is over 400 calories for guilt-free, tasty meals. Get the most from your climber machine benefits by downloading the free MaxiClimber app to track your workouts. It’s the perfect flexible, progressive, and holistic solution for the maximum benefits. With customizable training, you’ll discover that tracking your vertical climber workout will keep you motivated to get the superhero body that would make even a Hollywood actor ask, “Who is your trainer?” Get started with the best selling full-body vertical climbing machine on the market, the MaxiClimber.
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