Consider MaxiClimber for Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions
The New Year is already here, and many of you are cranking out those fitness new year’s resolutions like there’s no tomorrow! Even if you’re not using a vertical climber, most of you who have kept up your resolutions have already discovered what’s working and what’s going to be a challenge. Some resolutions you’ll quickly find are simply unsustainable, but it helps to have a workout machine right in the comfort of your own home to maintain the fitness goals that are.

Compact Home Workout Machines in 2020

The future is now, but unlike the movies and media promised, we’re still waiting for jet packs, flying cars and most surprisingly — compact home workout machines. Out of most technological advances, we would think that would be the easiest to achieve, but most of us are still twiddling our thumbs. As fitness new year’s resolutions get bigger, the average living space seems to be getting smaller. This is especially frustrating for those looking to get a quick workout at home. Fortunately, Maxiclimber is ahead (and continues to be ahead) of the game. Maxiclimber vertical climbers were designed with you in mind. With most models occupying less than 3 sq. feet, renters and homeowners can now get the workout of their life without needing the space of a home gym. Heck, even home workout videos require more wiggle room than our full-body climber machines. Plus, Maxiclimber vertical climbers continue to pair perfectly with HIIT, paced intervals, dumbbell workouts and more. With these one-two punch routines, your fitness new year resolutions just became that much easier to meet.

Home Workout Machine Affordability

Like the size of many home workout machines, the price tags tend to also be enormous. Many who are or aspire to get in shape start off stoked to meet their fitness goals and pay thousands to see the results. After investing, however, some may realize that their home workout machine just isn’t for them, hasn’t met their expectations or can’t provide sustainable, long-term results. That’s a lot of money down the drain! Not only are the best Maxiclimber models self-paced for individual success, but they also come with a very small price tag. In fact, it’ll be a steal compared to the priceless results you’ll see and feel. How many other home workout machines can say that? In addition to all of the perks that come with vertical climbers, Maxiclimber also offers financing and free trials for all models. Now, you can tackle those new year resolutions to lose weight, get in shape and feel great without breaking the bank.

Tackle One Thing At a Time

New Year’s resolutions are daunting for nearly everyone. Some people don’t even bother with the lists because of the pressure. The heat increases when you focus these goals around your own body and combining the two can be debilitating, anxiety-inducing and a total blow to your self-confidence. What most people don’t realize is how complicated the whole thing can be. Most know that they want to look or feel better, but what does all of that entail? It’s rare that fitness new year resolutions result in weight loss, as exercising prompts muscle development, and therefore weight gain. The biggest difference for individuals focusing on fitness without changing their diet is cardiovascular improvements, which results within the body and can’t often be seen from the outside. Individuals focusing on losing weight are likely taking a closer look at their diets. Changing what, how and when they eat without considering fitness added can be a massive shock to the system. Throwing fitness into the mix, too, will likely cause even more dramatic reactions to those lifestyle changes. Those who have been there and done that have reported symptoms of feeling:
  • Bloated
  • Faint
  • Lethargic
  • Tired
  • Depressed
  • Irritable
  • Shaky
…and more. With so many odds against you, what’s left to do? We recommend keeping it simple and being as specific as possible about what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? DO you want to reduce body fat, fit into a specific jean size, climb a mountain, improve your metabolic rate or finally get those abs? What does your goal entail? Be specific, and even consider creating a pre-mortem plan, which can be helpful to determine what could go wrong and how to best handle any anticipated problems while dieting and using your full body climber machine. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be financially or physically taxing, and with Maxiclimber, your results can prove it. This year, get healthy and stay healthy by doing it the right way. Check out Maxiclimber’s full list of models to achieve your fitness new year’s resolutions.
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